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South Sudan

South Sudan, 28 March 2014: Today, it takes a village

South Sudan, 24 March 2014: Amid the chaos of conflict in South Sudan, reuniting separated children with their families

South Sudan, 10 March 2014: Early storm is a warning of devastation to come in South Sudan

South Sudan, 14 February 2014: Reuniting children lost amid the violence in South Sudan

New York, 8 January 2014: In South Sudan’s capital, critical aid reaches conflict-displaced families

South Sudan, 15 August 2013: A girl’s account of her experience with the Lord’s Resistance Army

South Sudan, 7 August 2013: Finding Perspective in South Sudan - Dr. Yasmin’s Journey

South Sudan, 12 July 2013: Maternal Mortality, a big challenge for the world’s newest nation

South Sudan, July 2013: On the eve of South Sudan’s second birthday, “Innovation” is the buzz word among young people

South Sudan, 9 July 2013: Born into so much hope, South Sudan's first baby “Independence Moses” shows nation has a long way to improve child survival

South Sudan, 1 April 2013: Trauma facility established by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Tetsuko Kuroyanagi in South Sudan is lifeline for young victims

South Sudan, 1 November 2012: A role model for girls against child marriage in Lakes State

South Sudan, 11 September 2012: A new nation has the opportunity to rebuild with new ideas

South Sudan, 25 August 2012: No more open defecation as village embraces Community Led Total Sanitation

South Sudan, 9 August 2012: Women take the lead in local peace building

South Sudan, 20 June 2012: Children urge greater protection for children living with disabilities

Day of the African Child, 16 June 2012: Living with disability in South Sudan

South Sudan, 7 June 2012: Increasing demand for vaccination services

South Sudan, 14 May 2012: Hunger a daily reality for children

South Sudan, 27 April 2012: Sanitation and hygiene education helps fight disease

South Sudan, 17 April 2012: Land mine victim determined to achieve his dream despite losing a leg

South Sudan, 13 April 2012: South Sudan faces challenges providing maternal and child health care

South Sudan, 15 March 2012: UN and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) sign historic agreement to stop child recruitment and release all children from the national army

5 January 2012: Field diary: UNICEF prepares to help victims of conflict in South Sudan

South Sudan, 1 December 2011: UNICEF and partners use radio to call for an end to violence against children

South Sudan, 27 October 2011: A primary school becomes a model for increasing girls’ enrolment

South Sudan, 15 July 2011: 'Independence' baby signals the birth of a new nation

South Sudan, 8 July 2011: As South Sudan looks to nationhood, education is pivotal

South Sudan, 8 July 2011: Challenges ahead to strengthen children’s rights as nation prepares for independence



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