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Maternal and newborn health

Tanzania, 15 September 2015: Born early in Zanzibar, kangaroo mothers giving their babies the best start in life

Rwanda, 2 November 2015: UNICEF joins celebrations to mark the Maternal and Child Health Week, together with Global Handwashing Day

Namibia, 2 November 2015: Promoting exclusive breastfeeding as a standard practice for countering malnutrition

Zimbabwe, 18 August 2015: World Breastfeeding Week

25 April 2015: Protecting pregnant women from malaria – a missed “quick win”

Kenya, 20 March 2015: Promoting exclusive breastfeeding to save babies’ lives

Somalia, 16 February 2015: UNICEF works to save the lives of Somali mothers

Somalia, February 2015: A new maternity ward in Borama, Somaliland to help save the lives of mothers and their newborns

Uganda, January 2015: DFID Director General visits, sees how Birth Cushion innovation improves safe delivery

Uganda, October 2014: Promoting safe delivery in health units through male engagement and community participation

Zimbabwe, 22 August 2014: World Breastfeeding Week launched in Harare

Zimbabwe, August 2014: Rebounding health system reduces rural maternal mortality

South Sudan, 5 June 2014: Ensuring safe pregnancy and birth for internally displaced mothers

Kenya, 2 June 2014: Protecting against a silent killer

Zimbabwe, April 2014: Exclusive breastfeeding protects newborns from HIV/AIDS

Kenya, 1 April 2014: Setting the pace for the survival of children and women – First Lady runs to save lives

South Africa, 17 December 2013: Supporting pregnant women’s journey to motherhood

Somalia, 29 November 2013: Upgrades in care save the lives of mothers and newborns in Somalia

Malawi, 13 September 2013: Kangaroo mother care - Saving babies born too soon

Uganda, 11 September 2013: Solar Suitcases make midwives feel comfortable conducting deliveries at night

South Africa, 6 September 2013: Keeping mothers and children alive and healthy: tracking South Africa’s progress

Malawi, August 2013: Mzambazi males shine by defying odds

South Africa, August 2013: South African artist Zolani Mahalo hitting the right note with her breastfeeding goals

Zimbabwe, 12 July 2013: Transition fund breathes new life into Zimbabwe's health system

South Sudan, 12 July 2013: Maternal Mortality, a big challenge for the world’s newest nation

Mozambique, 6 May 2013: National Health Week time again!

South Africa, 18 April 2013: The gift of life proving to be the greatest threat to newborns

Zimbabwe, 11 March 2013: UNICEF Executive Director visits school and clinic benefitting from essential supplies in Zimbabwe

Uganda, 4 March 2013: Family Health Days bring Ugandans the routine medical care they need

Kenya, 16 June 2012: Maternal shelters are part of a broad package of care designed to reduce child mortality

South Sudan, 13 April 2012: South Sudan faces challenges providing maternal and child health care

South Africa, 3 April 2012: In a major policy shift, mothers in South Africa are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed instead of using formula

Somalia, 15 December 2011: UNICEF and SAACID promote exclusive breastfeeding in Somalia's drought-affected communities

Lesotho, 31 August 2011: Exclusive breastfeeding ensures a healthy life for Lesotho’s children

South Africa, 15 July 2011: A neonatal care initiative builds health and saves lives

Somalia, 13 January 2011: UNICEF and Japan support improved education and health for vulnerable Somali children

Zimbabwe, 2 December 2010: Country commemorates Global Day of Prayer

Kenya, 2 December 2010: Religious leaders aim health messages at 27 million Kenyans

Somalia, 9 June 2010: In remote communities, Child Health Days bring life-saving services to women and children

Ethiopia, 6 August 2011: Health extension workers bring care to new mothers in rural areas



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