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Ebola outbreak in West Africa



South Sudan, 10 October 2014: A single mother‘s fight to survive

Ethiopia, 4 September 2014: Danish diplomats observe progress in child protection

Somalia, August 2014: UN agencies overcome hurdles to visit remote Puntland to investigate polio outbreak

Uganda, May 2014: ECHO saving children from measles, providing clean water

Zimbabwe, March 2014: Chipo’s story: benefitting from exclusive breastfeeding

Somalia, 17 January 2014: UNICEF and partners use technology, flexible curriculum for pastoralist education

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Barclays Bank donates to the Child Friendly National Budgeting Initiative in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, December 2013: Apostolic umbrella body launches three year strategic plan on maternal and child health, early marriages and access to education

Somalia, November 2013: Historic Somali Joint Health and Nutrition Programme signed

Uganda, September 2013: Motorised water brings joy to Moruita sub-county

Zimbabwe, 24 September 2013: Junior Parliamentarians receive phones to boost communication with their constituencies

Zimbabwe, 12 July 2013: Transition fund breathes new life into Zimbabwe's health system

South Africa, 26 June 2013: IKEA Norway visits South Africa to learn about Safe and Caring Child-Friendly Schools

Somalia, 20 June 2013: UNICEF support offers hope for children with disabilities in Somaliland

Malawi, June 2013: Equity in Action - Global UNICEF partner Special Olympics report on visit to Malawi

New York, 7 June 2013: In London, an historic opportunity to tackle global undernutrition

Mozambique, 11 April 2013: One step at a time - UNICEF and UNHCR join forces to help stateless in Mozambique

Belgium, 15 November 2012: The Nobel Peace Prize money will benefit children affected by war and conflicts

Ethiopia, 10 May 2012: In rural Ethiopia, UNICEF and ECHO support community-based nutrition services for children

Malawi, 26 March 2012: UNICEF committed to working with local suppliers

Somalia, 22 March 2012: Safe water remains scarce, contributing to disease and malnutrition

Somalia, 15 December 2011: UNICEF and SAACID promote exclusive breastfeeding in Somalia's drought-affected communities

South Sudan, 1 December 2011: UNICEF and partners use radio to call for an end to violence against children

Ethiopia, 12 August 2011: Government of Japan supports therapeutic feeding to treat malnutrition

Tanzania, 5 July 2011: UNICEF joins other agencies in signing the first UN Development Assistance Plan

Madagascar, 13 June 2011: UNICEF and GAVI work to protect health gains for young children

South Africa, 2 June 2011: UNICEF and partners launch report on preventing HIV among young people

Somalia, 21 April 2011: Field diary: UNICEF helps provide water to drought-hit regions

Zimbabwe, 21 April 2011: Government of Japan gives new life to Zimbabwe immunization programme

Namibia, 20 April 2011: UNICEF and partners respond as heavy rains displace tens of thousands

Malawi, 21 March 2011: Children swap floors for desks at Malawi school with MSNBC-US Fund for UNICEF support

Somalia, 13 January 2011: UNICEF and Japan support improved education and health for vulnerable Somali children

Rwanda, 20 January 2011: Japan funds ongoing support for children and families affected by 2008 earthquake

Kenya, 2 December 2010: Religious leaders aim health messages at 27 million Kenyans

Somalia, 29 July 2010: A Public-Private Partnership provides safe water to thousands



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