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Ebola outbreak in West Africa



Malawi, 20 November 2014: Saving children from malnutrition

South Sudan, 12 November 2014: A taste of hope

South Sudan, 10 October 2014: A single mother‘s fight to survive

Zimbabwe, 6 October 2014: Village health workers providing critical healthcare in rural Zimbabwe

Uganda: Fever Pitch: The fight against the long-term affects of child hunger

Somalia, 7 July 2014: Mother walks for three days to find treatment for her severely malnourished toddler

Zimbabwe, 22 August 2014: World Breastfeeding Week launched in Harare

Zimbabwe, 20 June 2014: UNICEF boosting children’s nutrition to prevent stunted growth

Ethiopia, 5 June 2014: A day in the life of a well-fed child

Ethiopia, 3 April 2014: Health Extension Workers: Key to Reducing Malnutrition

South Sudan, 23 April 2014: Response teams rush to treat rising malnutrition

Zimbabwe, April 2014: Community-based nutrition program helps reduce child malnutrition

Zimbabwe, April 2014: Exclusive breastfeeding protects newborns from HIV/AIDS

Zimbabwe, April 2014: Nutrition gardens changing lives

Somalia, 19 March 2014: Combatting malnutrition in Somaliland

Zimbabwe, March 2014: Chipo’s story: benefitting from exclusive breastfeeding

Tanzania, 13 February 2014: Treating Malnutrition in Zanzibar

Rwanda, 12 December 2013: Innovative ways to combat Malnutrition continues in Rwanda

Somalia, November 2013: Historic Somali Joint Health and Nutrition Programme signed

Tanzania, 5 November 2013: Iodizing Salt to Fight Hidden Hunger in Zanzibar

Ethiopia, 1 November 2013: In Ethiopian villages, improving water and nutrition lays groundwork for a better future

Ethiopia, 9 August 2013: Celebrating nutrition achievements in Wolaita

Namibia, 7 August 2013: Namibian villagers grapple with the worst drought in three decades

South Africa, August 2013: South African artist Zolani Mahalo hitting the right note with her breastfeeding goals

Burundi, 17 June 2013: A strike against chronic malnutrition in Burundi

Angola, 17 June 2013: In Angola, changing feeding practices key to preventing malnutrition

Madagascar, 11 June 2013: American singer and songwriter Katy Perry witnesses UNICEF’s efforts to fight chronic malnutrition in Madagascar

New York, 7 June 2013: In London, an historic opportunity to tackle global undernutrition

Uganda, 17 May 2013: Tackling malnutrition with homegrown solutions

Angola, 10 April 2013: Massive scale-up targets malnutrition in Angola

Madagascar, 8 April 2013: Katy Perry sees strides in children's education, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene in Madagascar

Somalia, 13 December 2012: UNICEF leads Child Health Days to stem the tide of preventable childhood diseases

Somalia, 15 November 2012: Months after famine conditions have ended, health centres across southern Somalia help children suffering from malnutrition

Angola, 24 October 2012: Responding to the nutrition crisis from the international to the community level

Somalia, 6 August 2012: Aid trickles into Somalia's drought hit Baidoa region as militant group Al-Shabaab moves out

Ethiopia, 5 July 2012: Health services are protecting drought-affected children from malnutrition

Angola, 19 June 2012: Saving children from malnutrition in drought-affected Angola

South Sudan, 14 May 2012: Hunger a daily reality for children

Ethiopia, 10 May 2012: In rural Ethiopia, UNICEF and ECHO support community-based nutrition services for children

Uganda, 10 April 2012: UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake addresses malnutrition at the 126th Inter-Parliamentary Union

Ethiopia, 29 March 2012: Mobile health teams bring medical care to pastoralists in remote regions

Rwanda, 24 January 2012: Community-based nutrition programmes are empowering communities to treat and prevent malnutrition

Somalia, 15 December 2011: UNICEF and SAACID promote exclusive breastfeeding in Somalia's drought-affected communities

Madagascar, 26 September 2011: Plumpy’doz distribution fights malnutrition in the south

Kenya, 16 September 2011: At a camp for Somali refugees in Dadaab, a three-year-old boy recovers from malnutrition

Somalia, 14 September 2011: UNICEF supports stabilization centres to treat malnourished children

Kenya, 31 August 2011: In a Kenyan district hard-hit by drought, children survive on one meal a day

Ethiopia, 25 August 2011: UNICEF-supported outpatient therapeutic feeding programmes provide life-saving services

Kenya, 16 August 2011: UNICEF provides life-saving emergency nutrition intervention to drought-affected communities

Ethiopia, 12 August 2011: Government of Japan supports therapeutic feeding to treat malnutrition

Ethiopia, 12 August 2011: Mothers struggle to feed their children amidst drought crisis

Somalia, 10 August 2011: Feeding centres treat malnourished children amidst famine in southern Somalia

Uganda, 5 August 2011: Spreading the word about infant and young child nutrition

Ethiopia, 5 August 2011: Community Based Nutrition programme holds off hunger in drought-prone Ethiopia

Kenya, 5 August 2011: Field diary: At a refugee camp in Kenya, a father's devotion helps his young son survive

Kenya, 26 July 2011: Field diary: the road to Dadaab

Ethiopia, 26 July 2011: UNICEF-supported programme fights malnutrition amidst severe drought

Kenya, 18 July 2011: Amidst regional drought, malnutrition imperils thousands of refugee children in Dadaab

Uganda, 5 July 2011: UNICEF and the European Union combat malnutrition in drought-stricken Karamoja

Ethiopia, 21 April 2011: Health workers and community members work together to prevent child malnutrition

Somalia, 28 December 2010: Community mobilizers help to fight childhood malnutrition

Burundi, 26 October 2010: Mobilizing local communities to eradicate severe acute malnutrition

Zimbabwe, 30 July 2010: Calling for accelerated action, UN and Zimbabwe Government launch nutrition survey results



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