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Greening UNICEF

ROSA Office goes green

A vision for the future: towards a carbon neutral UNICEF

Environmental sustainability is vital to sustainable development. UNICEF is dedicated to addressing environmental sustainability in its management and operations and will be taking reducing its carbon footprint as an organization very seriously in the months and years ahead.

In 2007, the United Nations Secretary General outlined a three-step process for its agencies to “go green”:

  • Assess their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Undertake efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Explore the cost feasibility of purchasing carbon offsets to reach carbon neutrality.

UNICEF is committed to achieving those goals and works to improve its environmental footprint in five areas: facilities, meetings, procurement, staff engagement and travel. A number of UNICEF offices are performing assessments of their environmental footprint, setting the basis for annual reporting, allowing tracking of progress and evaluation of measures taken.  Current greening efforts in UNICEF offices around the world set a high standard for improving sustainability management efforts.

Greening the Blue is the UN’s website to promote carbon neutrality among all UN staff, consultants, interns and volunteers. Learn more!




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