UNICEF in Emergencies & Humanitarian Action


The CCC e-Resource:  covers programmatic, operational and cross-cutting areas, and for each offers a consolidation of existing guidance on implementing the revised CCCs, offering easy access to key policies, guidance and tools from UNICEF and partners. 
Some of the issue pages include:

Child Protection   Gender Equality Media and Communications
DRR Health Nutrition
Education Mandate and Normative Framework Resource Mobilization
See the CCC e-Resource for the full list.

The Emergency Deployment Kit: orientation to UNICEF’s approach, policy and principles, intended for staff, standby partners and consultants being deployed for emergency response.

CCC e-Learning: a self learning tool on the CCCs and how they can be fulfilled.  The e-Learning delves into each area of the CCCs, allowing the learner to understand and apply the fundamental elements of the CCCs.

Humanitarian Action for Children: highlights the situation of children and women across countries; draws attention to the support needed to help these children survive and thrive; and shows the results UNICEF and partners are working towards.  Profiles for individual countries with active appeals are also included.

UNICEF/WFP Return on Investment for Emergency Preparedness Study

Humanitarian Issues Newsletter: a collaboration between EMOPS and Programme Division, the newsletter covers issues of interest to UNICEF staff working in humanitarian action and post-crisis recovery, looking ahead to upcoming events, as well as developments from the Inter-Agency Standing Committee. It aims to inform on global developments and promote exchange of ideas and practice across sectors and clusters. 

  • Humanitarian Issues Newsletter – Special Lessons Learned Edition, April 2013 [PDF]
  • Humanitarian Issues Newsletter – Update on HQ Support, December 2012 [PDF]
  • Humanitarian Issues Newsletter – Update on HQ Support, July 2012 [PDF]


    Humanitarian Action Study 2014 [PDF]



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