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How to Help


Corporate Partnerships

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UNICEF is interested in working with local and international companies to help strengthen children’s rights to health, education, equality, and developmental opportunities.

Partnership with UNICEF means:

1. Alliance with the world's leading and most respected children's organization to ensure protection of the rights of every child to a decent life and opportunities for development.

2. Interesting and exciting communication campaigns, activities and events to mobilize resources to help protect the rights of underprivileged youngsters, to combat the social isolation of disadvantaged children, children in need and the threat of HIV/AIDS.

3. Demonstration of social responsibility through participation in long-term and sustainable development programmes for Egyptian children, using local experts and the international experience of UNICEF.

4. Working with the leading international children’s organization that is recognised and approved by the Government of the Egypt. UNICEF works principally with the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM), the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Population, the National Council on Youth, and other local authorities.

5. Effective, transparent, and reliable tools to strengthen customer appreciation and partnerships - as well as staff engagement programmes.

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