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Radio Cairo launches initiative to support street children in collaboration with UNICEF

© UNICEF Egypt/ 2007/ Morooka
Crew of "Sizzling Sounds" interview a street child at a reception centre run by Hope Village Society

Cairo, March 12, 2007: The plight of Egypt’s growing numbers of street children is the subject of an initiative being launched this week by Radio Cairo (ERTU) and UNICEF Egypt.  “Sizzling Sounds” – a radio programme aired from 16:00 to 18:00 (Sunday through Thursday) on the European Programme (FM 95.6) -- is devoting part of the programme to the cause of street children, under the slogan “To Keep the Smile”.

The programme aims to give its audience an insight into the reality of street children’s lives and the work being done to teach them a range of skills and to assist their reintegration into society. It will also help identify the areas in which UNICEF and partner NGOs need more financial support and how the audience can contribute.

The crew of Sizzling Sounds will broadcast reports from different facilities and projects around Cairo, talking to street children and NGO staff. Experts will also be invited as studio guests to share their views and ideas and to answer questions from callers.  

“One of the media’s key functions is to serve the community and that is why we have decided to focus on this important issue” said Mr. Mohammed Islam, presenter of “Sizzling Sounds”. He added, “The message we want to convey to our audience is that we should work together to keep a smile on a child’s face – something which is the right of every child”.

Under the leadership of Egypt’s First Lady, Mrs Suzanne Mubarak, and the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM), UNICEF works to raise public awareness on the issue of street children and provides support to the NGOs delivering health and other essential services to the most vulnerable of the street child population – the girls and young mothers. UNICEF is also supporting improved national systems for monitoring, identification and referral for children at risk and in need of protection, including street children.

For more information, please contact:

Simon Ingram, Chief of Communication, UNICEF Egypt + 202-526-5083 ext 210

Iman Morooka, Communication Officer, UNICEF Egypt   + 202-526-5083 ext 206





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Radio Cairo launches initiative to support street children in collaboration with UNICEF


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