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St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines celebrate child rights week

Children were the focus of attention on Saturday 24th November in St. Vincent and the Grenadines when the week of activities focusing on children, came to an end with a children's fun day at the Petit Bordel Playing Field in North Leeward

The evening was filled with fun activities for the two hundred (200) plus children who turned up from Rose Hall to Chateaubelair. Children were treated to activities which focused on the following life skills: co operation, communication, sharing, grouping, building relations, expression of feelings, conflict resolution, decision making and tolerance, among others.

The children were also provided with refreshments, gifts for some activities and T-shirts which bore the theme, “The right to be heard”

This fun day was supported by the UNICEF Office for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean and was part of activities organized by the National Child Rights Committee, with input from the Youth Affairs Department and the Department of Physical Education and Sports in the Ministry of Tourism Youth and Sports in celebration of the 18th anniversary of the CRC

Support was also provided by the Principals of the schools in the North Leeward area, YES volunteers, The National Sports Council, The Kingstown Board, The Multipurpose Center of Petiti Bordel, parents and the North Leeward Sports Association.

This activity was the second of its kind with the first being held in the North windward community of Sandy Bay in November of 2006.



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