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UNICEF maintains a video library of documentaries and public service announcements that we and our partners have produced. These are available for loan; contact

Public service announcements (PSA)
Jackie Chan: Avian influenza
60 seconds / English / EAPRO 2006
The PSA seeks to alert children and their families around the world to the dangers of highly pathogenic avian influenza, or bird flu. The one-minute spot shows Chan, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, with six children and some very colourful origami birds that are used to convey an essential message. Chan tells the girls and boys in a firm tone: birds can pass on avian influenza to people, so it is important to stay away from sick and dead birds, especially chickens. He then nods approvingly as 8-year-old Ava pipes out: “But playing with paper birds is fine.” The PSA was produced by the UNICEF, FAO and WHO, with funding from the Government of Japan.

Jackie Chan spot - Helmet safety for UNICEF in Viet Nam
30 seconds / English / Viet Nam 2005 #350
With motorbike accidents being a leading cause of death among young people in Viet Nam, Jackie Chan encourages them to wear a helmet and ride safely.
Jackie Chan: Stigma buster
30 seconds / English & Madairin / Hong Kong 2005 #351
Jackie Chan sends a powerful message against discriminating against those people, especially children, infected and affected by AIDS.

Jackie Chan: AIDS prevention
30 seconds / English / Cambodia 2004 #352
Jackie Chan, along with Loke Chouy, an animated character developed in Cambodia, urges young people to protect themselves against AIDS. 
Short documentaries
Fourth Asia & Pacific on Universal Birth Registration: Philippines campaign
5 minutes / English / EAPRO 2006 #457
Produced to coincide with the 4th Asia Pacific Universal Birth Registration Conference, this short documentary illustrates the success of a birth registration campaign to reach marginalized children in the Philippines. As part of the Government Campaign, supported by Plan International and UNICEF, 5000 birth registration agents are seeking to reach children in districts where registration is low.

Indian Ocean Tsunami - A pedge, a partnership: Building back better for children and communities
11 minutes / English & International / EAPRO 2005 #276.3
Children show how UNICEF and partners are working to bring back better health, education and water systems in tsunami-affected communities in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand.

UNICEF: Rebuilding lives
11 minutes / English & Thai / Thailand 2005 #429
This short documentary illustrates how UNICEF is helping to rebuild the lives of those affected by Tsunami in Thailand.

Seventh East Asia and Pacific Ministerial Consultation - Three short videos
15 minutes / English subtitles / EAPRO 2005 #346
Produced for the Seventh Ministerial Consultation held in Cambodia, these short videos present the voice of young people from the region. "Over to You" is a three-minute piece reminding Ministers at the Consultation that they must make children their priority. "Speak out" is a collection of voices of young people from the region about issues affecting them. "My World" tells the first hand story of a young rural Cambodian girl, who struggles to look after her brothers, while her mother works in a distant town.
Pacific: Children and AIDS campaign
7 minutes / English / EAPRO 2005 #265
This short documentary provides overview of the impact of AIDS in the Pacific Islands, including Papua New Guinea, and focuses on the need to put children at the forefront of efforts to prevent the further spread of the disease, care for those affected and provide treatment. It warns that unless urgent action is taken the spread of the epidemic could have a detrimental impact.

East Asia Pacific Consultation: Violence against children
7 minutes / English / EAPRO 2005
The UN Study on Violence Against Children is a global study that looks at the impact of violence against children. This short documentary provides a short overview of the issues raised at the Regional Consultation on Violence Against Children, which brought together children, governments, experts, academics and civil society groups, in Bangkok in June 2005.

Papua New Guinea: Striving for child rights – Three short video stories
24 minutes / English / EAPRO 2005
The DVD contains three stories – combating HIV/AIDS, reforming the juvenile justice system and tackling violence against women and children. The short stories (7-8 minutes each) detail the impact on children and highlight successful projects underway to combat the problems. They can be used in a variety of ways, especially to try to raise awareness on the situation of women and children in Papua New Guinea, and support fundraising efforts.



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