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29 May 2009


UNICEF has been helping the world’s children for over 60 years but is still firmly focused on the future – and that means keeping pace with the latest ‘social media’ trends.

Did you know that UNICEF is on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, and would like to see you there, too?

These easy-to-use platforms allow people and organizations to connect online. In UNICEF’s case, this interaction serves an important cause: ensuring health, education, equality and protection for the world’s children. Here are some ways for you to take part.

Subscribe to UNICEF on YouTube

Join thousands of YouTube subscribers as we advance UNICEF’s life-saving efforts through the power of video. Subscribe…

Become a ‘fan’ of UNICEF on Facebook

This popular social-media tool allows UNICEF to bring informative content – including video, audio and photos – to thousands of Facebook ‘fans’. Become a fan…

Become a ‘friend’ of UNICEF on MySpace

A pioneer in social media, MySpace enables UNICEF to reach out to thousands of ‘friends’ with rich multimedia content. Become a friend…

Follow UNICEF on Twitter

Twitter’s social-messaging utility, available via your computer or mobile device, lets you stay connected with UNICEF’s worldwide efforts in real time. Follow UNICEF…




UNICEF is active in the world of online ‘social media’ and would like to see you there, too.

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