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UNICEF and Chad agree on demobilizing child soldiers 17 May 2007

UNICEF and the Government of Chad have signed an accord to demobilize child soldiers throughout the country.

The agreement was signed last week by UNICEF Representative Stephen Adkisson and Chad’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Djidda Moussa Outman. It follows up commitments made by Chad in February at the ‘Free Children from War’ conference, which was held in Paris and organized by UNICEF and the French Government.

That conference resulted in the Paris Principles, an agreement to end the use of children in armed forces or groups around the world. The new accord in Chad is seen as an important step toward putting the principles into practice.

“It was a strong demonstration of will on the part of the Chadian Government to ensure that all children under the age of 18 will be removed from any kind of military service,” Mr. Adkisson said. Learn more about this landmark agreement.

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Sudanese refugees in Chad protest the use of child soldiers in the region.

AUDIO: UNICEF Representative Stephen Adkisson talks about the demobilization of child soldiers in Chad.
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