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UNICEF launches its global website in Chinese 16 January 2007

UNICEF has launched a new edition of its global website in Chinese.

Teamed with the English, French, Spanish and Arabic editions of unicef.org, the Chinese-language site will help UNICEF reach out to millions more Internet users with news and information about its work to save and improve children’s lives.

The launch promises to greatly broaden UNICEF’s online presence. Chinese is now the most popular language on the web, second only to English. Over the past six years, the number of Chinese Internet users has quadrupled; they now comprise more than 13 per cent of the 1 billion users worldwide.

The majority of Chinese-language Internet users are located in China, the world’s most populous country. More than 120 million people in China, most of them children or young adults, currently have Internet access.

UNICEF’s Representative in China, Yin Yin Nwe, says the new site not only extends the global reach of unicef.org but will also serve as a crucial bridge between UNICEF and China’s young people.

“The Chinese public need to be informed about the poorest and most vulnerable groups of children and communities in China,” says Dr. Nwe. “And the new Chinese website can help us achieve that.”

Please visit UNICEF’s Chinese-language global website at www.unicef.org/chinese.

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Children surf the web in China, where the number of Internet users is increasing rapidly.

Video: UNICEF correspondent Kun Li reports on the launch of the agency’s global website in Chinese.
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