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UNICEF Radio’s “Digital Diary” Series Amplifies the Voice of Youth 23 February 2006

We last wrote to tell you about a new online television show that brings you the latest news on UNICEF’s fight against child HIV/AIDS.

But online TV isn’t the only multimedia offering available to you. UNICEF Radio produces stories and programs every week—and you can listen for free online.

Launched in November of 2004, UNICEF Radio reaches thousands of people all over the world through local public radio, downloadable audio and podcasts.

Among the most popular UNICEF Radio features is the new “Voices of Youth Digital Diary,” says UNICEF Radio producer Blue Chevigny. The Digital Diary series are first-person, eyewitness accounts by young people from around the world.

The first Digital Diary series features Berenice Akuamoah, a young woman from Ghana who has used a digital microphone and recorder provided by UNICEF to document her life.

In the first several episodes, Berenice introduces us to her family; shows us around the youth radio show that she broadcasts in Ghana; and takes us along to her first days at University and her nineteenth birthday. The series is a fascinating glimpse into an African teenager’s view of the world.

Participants like Berenice are given free choice to record topics that interests them, says producer Blue Chevigny. Producers at UNICEF Radio then work with them to edit the material into 3-4 minute episodes.

All six episodes of Berenice’s Diary are available online now. The sixth episode, released this week, follows Berenice as she starts a new job.

We invite you to tune into the Digital Diary and other programs from UNICEF Radio. And please, forward this email on to your friends and family who may be interested in hearing the voices of youth from all around the world.

Photo of Berenice recording at a microphone.
© UNICEF Ghana/2005/Den Dulk
Berenice Akuamoah recording her UNICEF digital diary in Accra, Ghana.

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