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UNICEF e-newsletter: Lessons learned from the tsunami disaster 22 April 2005

Next week will mark the four-month anniversary of the tsunami disaster, and here at UNICEF we’ve begun to reflect on the tragedy – and to understand the important lessons learned during our response.

The scale of the tragedy was unlike anything even the most experienced UNICEF aid workers had ever seen: more than 300,000 people killed; more than 1.5 million displaced. The response was equally unprecedented: UNICEF helped to coordinate around 400 organizations – and 15 militaries – to provide emergency aid to victims.


We learned important tactical lessons on how to improve our global emergency response. We learned which programmes are most effective in helping to deliver food, medicine, and supplies to children in need. We learned that our advocacy programme prevented the trafficking of children – a frequent and terrible by-product of disasters and regional conflict. And we learned lessons that will help us continue to improve children’s lives around the globe.


Another lesson learned: we can’t do it without you.

Thank You.

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A Maldivian child's drawing of the tsunami disaster.
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