Planning and advocacy

Planning and advocacy


Planning and advocacy

Advocacy for children
UNICEF advocates for the rights of children and women through promotion of practices such as breastfeeding

While an abundance of data has been collected in the DPR Korea over the years in the areas of health, nutrition and water and environmental sanitation, the data has not been adequately managed.  Furthermore, the data is not being used effectively in country planning, monitoring and reporting.

UNICEF aims to provide policy and decision makers a proper tool in developing programmes and policy befitting the children in DPR Korea. Planning and advocacy is also the focal point for emergency preparedness.

The project supports further development of ChildInfo, a statistical information system that tracks key indicators on the situation of children and women. It also supports an annual assessment of progress in implementing the National Plan of Action. Like all of UNICEF’s projects in DPR Korea, special support is provided in focus counties/districts. 

Since UNICEF began supporting the Central Bureau of Statistics in DPR Korea, capacity has improved.  The statistical methodology and data management in the country have gradually moved to meet the international standard.



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