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Tim Schaffter
UNICEF Representative
DPR Korea

Tim Schaffter has been UNICEF Representative in DPR Korea since August 2014. He is responsible for all UNICEF activities under the country programme, including in the areas of child survival, development, protection and participation.

Tim Schaffter has over thirty years of international development experience working with the UN and NGOs in Asia and Eastern Europe, including twenty years with UNICEF. He is originally from Canada.

Before coming to DPR Korea, Mr Schaffter was the UNICEF Representative in Lao PDR for four years (2010 to 2014), where he oversaw UNICEF’s support in the areas of child protection, social policy, health and nutrition, education, water and sanitation and hygiene.

Prior to moving to Lao PDR, Mr Schaffter was the UNICEF Representative in Kyrgyzstan between for four years between 2006 and 2010 where he placed major focus on nutrition and early childhood education.

From 2002 to 2006, Mr Schaffter was the UNICEF State Representative for the southern India states of Tamil Nadu & Kerala (combined population of 93 million people), and led his office’s response to the tsunami of December 26, 2004 in which approximately 8,000 people in Tamil Nadu were killed, and hundreds of thousands displaced.

Mr. Schaffter has also worked with UNICEF in Romania (1999 and 2003) and Vietnam (1994 to 1996), prior to which he was the Assistant Country Director for Care International in Vietnam. His earlier work includes ten years in Thailand with NGOs and the UN Border Relief Operation, as well serving with the UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia during the UN-organized 1993 election.

Mr Schaffter has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Queen’s University, Canada, and Master’s Degrees in Public Health from Tulane University, USA, and in Education from the College of New Jersey, USA.

Mr Schaffer is married with two children.



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