CSR identity
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In 2004 in Djibouti, a boy reads the Koran at an Islamic school in the capital city of Djibouti.

The business sector has an impact on every aspects of society and has huge potential to be either a positive force for reinforcing human rights or have a negative impact on the well-being of people and the environment. UNICEF seeks to shape the CSR and child rights agenda by promoting child rights as a core topic within the business and human rights agenda.

UNICEF will support private-public partnerships and harness the influence of the corporate sector on public sector policy where relevant and approproate through brokering or facilitating joint activities among the business sector, communities, NGOs and/or governments.

These actions include:

  • Frame policies and standards development and action
  • Build capacities for CSR work within UNICEF and with partners
  • Ensure the creation of effective tools for implementation of child-focused CSR and
  • Address accountability of businesses to change their behaviour towards making a positive impact on children, and provide tools for assessing and measuring impact.

In order to achieve maximum impact with limited resources, the emphasis of the UNICEF engagement with business on CSR and child rights will be through global, regional as well as national frameworks, networks and initiatives. UNICEF will make available standards, tools and knowledge gained on CSR over time, on the basis of which individual companies can design their own internal policies and procedures that comply with child rights.  At the country level, engagement by National Committees and country offices will build on thorough analysis and thematic priorities, including promoting legislation and regulatory frameworks for CSR at the country level.


UNICEF is engaged in CSR work across the globe - here are some examples from different countries:

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"How to Walk the Talk of Respecting Children's Rights?" [Eng] by Ida Hyllested - UNICEF Switzerland
"Les enfants sont l'affaire de tous" [FR]

"Why are children everyone's business?" [Eng] by Maya Faisal - UNICEF Malaysia

"The business case for a more child focused approach to CSR is clear" [Eng] by David Bull - UNICEF United-Kingdom
"Le milieu des affaires commence à reconnaître sa responsabilité et son rôle vis-à-vis des enfants et des jeunes" [FR]

"Assessing CSR in Madagascar" [Eng] by Daniel Timme - UNICEF Madagascar