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UNICEF’s partnership with H&M Conscious Foundation


A good foundation in the early years of a child positively impacts adulthood and gives future generations a better start in life. 

UNICEF entered a three-year partnership with the H&M Conscious Foundation that will support a global campaign on early childhood development. The partnership aims to give the most vulnerable and excluded children the best possible start in life.

The H&M Conscious Foundation is contributing SEK60 million (US$9.3 million) to support a global effort that includes three key focus areas:

• The development of a global report on Early Childhood Development which will be released by the end of 2016.
• Harnessing the power of innovation through a dedicated App that will allow policy makers to access critical real time data on early childhood development.
• Supporting pilot projects, in selected countries, to scale up early childhood development and encourage governments invest in children’s early years.

Children are the foundation of sustainable development. What happens during their early years is of crucial importance for every child’s development. It is a period of great opportunity, but also one of great vulnerability for children. Data indicates that more than 200 million children under the age of five are failing to attain their full potential because of poverty, poor health, a lack of adequate nutrition, care, and limited opportunities to learn.


UNICEF works with governments, civil society, communities and other stakeholders to design and implement early childhood development programmes and policies. These help the most vulnerable and excluded children reach their full potential by supporting families and communities, and by increasing access to quality early childhood care and education.

The support from the H&M Conscious Foundation will help UNICEF to strengthen the ability of governments to translate policies into action. Furthermore, it will help UNICEF generate new evidence that reinforces the rationale for investing in early childhood.

For UNICEF support from the private sector through partnerships such as the one with the H&M Conscious Foundation, is vital if we want to advance children’s rights.


About the H&M Conscious Foundation
The H&M Conscious Foundation is an independent non-profit global foundation initiated in connection with H&M’s 60th anniversary in 2007. The foundation is the philanthropic arm complementing H&M’s sustainability work. Through its support to programs and initiatives, the H&M Conscious Foundation strives to make positive impact on policy level and in the everyday life for people and communities where H&M operates.

The H&M Conscious Foundation is engaged in three focus areas: Education, Clean Water and Strengthening Women. For more information visit: http://www.hm.com/consciousfoundation

UNICEF's partnership with H&M



All children have rights which should be respected, protected and fulfilled to ensure they can grow and reach their potential. Convention on the Rights of the Child (Art. 4)

UNICEF believes that partnerships and collaborative relationships with the business sector are critical to improving the lives of children and to realizing their rights. Over the past few years, the business sector has played an increasingly important role - as both a donor and advocate for children’s rights helping UNICEF in its work.

H&M is committed to protecting children’s rights and has partnered with UNICEF on programmes supporting children since 2004.

Since 2004, H&M has contributed approximately US$17.5 million with funds being invested in areas such as girl’s education, HIV/AIDS prevention, water and sanitation and child protection in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Madagascar, and Uzbekistan. H&M has also contributed to UNICEF’s disaster relief work on several occasions, such as for the Tsunami emergency, the floods in Pakistan, the Haiti earthquake, the drought in the Horn of Africa, and for the ongoing Syria emergency.

In 2009, H&M made a donation of US$ 4.5 million to support a five-year programme in India that aims to improve access to quality education and healthcare services, and ensure that all children between the ages of 6 to 14 are in school.  One million children have already been reached in southern India through this programme supported by H&M. 

In 2012, H&M made its largest donation to community investment of US$ 8 million for a programme in Bangladesh that aims to protect children’s rights by providing access to education. The Programme targets 40,000 children between 3-14 years with the objective to improve access to quality early learning, pre-primary, basic primary education, basic life skills and social protection services.

Since 2012, H&M, alongside other Swedish business leaders, has been involved in a pilot initiative led by UNICEF that aims to help companies understand and assess their impact on children’s rights. This initiative follows the official release in 2012, by UNICEF, the Global Compact and Save the Children, of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles, the first comprehensive set of global standards for child-friendly business practices setting out the actions that companies should incorporate to respect and support children's rights.


About H&M

Founded in Sweden in 1947, H&M is today one of the world’s leading fashion companies. H&M is quoted on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and the entire group has around 3,100 stores in 53 markets including franchise markets. In 2013, sales including VAT were SEK 150,090 million and the number of employees is more than 116,000.

H&M’s business concept is to offer fashion and quality at the best price. And to H&M, quality is much more than the fabric you can feel between your fingertips. By making more sustainable choices available, H&M should be the more sustainable alternative for increasingly aware fashion customers worldwide. That is why sustainability is an integrated part of H&M’s operations and why considerable resources are devoted to ensure sustainable development in the long term.

Read more about H&M – http://about.hm.com/en/About.html



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