Crisis in Ukraine

UNICEF Ukraine 2015

KYIV, 26 March 2015 – UNICEF this week succeeded in reaching some of eastern Ukraine’s most vulnerable and needy children with supplies of water, warm clothes, and essential hygiene supplies. A series of emergency deliveries targeted children in non-government-controlled Luhansk region and the city of Debaltseve in Donetsk region.

Children's rights

UNICEF Turkey / Yurtsever / 2015

ANKARA, 17 March 2015 - A UNICEF branded hot air balloon was inflated today in Ankara with the participation of more than 100 children including children with disabilities. The Flying High for Kids Project, supported by UNICEF, is an overland hot air balloon journey through more than 100 countries, aiming to raise awareness about child rights.

Child-Friendly Spaces

UNICEF Turkey / Yurtsever / 2015

HARRAN, Turkey, 13 March 2015 – UNICEF’s Child Friendly Spaces project is funded by the European Union and implemented in partnership with AFAD and in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent Society in all camps in Turkey to ensure that vulnerable Syrian children and youth have access to safe, participatory and inclusive education spaces and recreation activities.

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