Child protection

UNICEF Ukraine

KYIV, 1 July 2014 –The results of a psychosocial assessment of children in Donetsk oblast in Eastern Ukraine are deeply troubling, according to UNICEF and indicate that about half of all children aged 7-18 have been directly exposed to adverse or threatening events during the current crisis.

Sports for development

RIO DE JANEIRO, 10 June 2014 - The FIFA World Cup is not only a great sporting event, but a powerful opportunity to share messages about the profound and positive difference sport can make in the lives of children. It provides a chance to focus positive public attention on the special risks children face in host countries like Brazil and around the world and the special efforts we can take to protect them from those threats.


UNICEF BiH / 2014

SARAJEVO, 24 May 2014 - Thousands of children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the areas affected by the worst flooding in over a hundred years gathered in Sarajevo this weekend. They wanted to wish good luck to the Bosnian National Football Team, nicknamed „The Dragons“, before their departure to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

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