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Cholera and C4D

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UNICEF's Cholera communication and community engagement practices follow existing hygiene, education and emergency practices. However, these well-known practices are re-focused to have direct and immediate impact on reducing the severity of the cholera outbreak. 

This page contains guidance for cholera communication as well as creative examples and a few examples of communication plans.


Framework for developing a communication strategy for the introduction of oral cholera vaccine

Hygiene is Prevention - Mozambique - 2012 - Portuguese

Community Mobilization for Frontline Workers - Pakistan - 2012 - English

Guião para Activistas - Mozambique - 2011 - Portuguese

C4D Rapid Assessment Tool - India - 2008 - English

Building Interpersonal Communication Skills - India - 2006 - English

Facilitator's Guide for Cholera Communication - Nigeria - Portuguese

WHO-UNICEF Training of Trainers on Immunization Communication - Ethiopia - 2005 - English




 Pneumonia and diarrhoea - Tackling the deadliest diseases
for the world’s poorest children - 2012

Cholera Toolkit

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