Communication for Development (C4D)


 Campaign Against Prejudice: UNICEF for MDG-F Culture for Development Programme

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012 - Children from Bihać, Bijeljina, Prijedor, Jajce, Gradiška, Srebrenik, Tešanj, Rudo, Sokolac and Sarajevo through creative work at three-day workshops learned of friendship, respect for their own tradition and culture, and also getting to know and appreciating the tradition and culture of others. Although the project was held at the time of summer break, workshops were a subject of great interest. For the first time children got a chance to, based on their own experience, create paintings and messages on their own, that would soon be published in public ad sites throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 U-Report - Revolutionary Technology for Development (T4D) from UNICEF Uganda

Kampala, 13 March 2012 – U-report, a new communications technology developed by UNICEF Uganda and launched in May 2011, is revolutionizing social mobilization, monitoring and response efforts to address human rights issues throughout the country. In doing so, it is also equipping legions of mobile phone users with the tools to establish and enforce new standards of transparency and accountability in development programming and the delivery of services.




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