Real lives

Real lives


Real lives

Prutače: extended daycare program at the school for children from poor families

Daycare Center for Children with Special Needs opens in Derventa

“Child Friendly Municipalities”: Debates with Children

Tešanj Children to Candidates:  “We want the mayor to serve the citizens, not the other way around!”

Lots of effort and understanding, along with quality teacher training, brings out the best in a child

UNICEF Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina Edin Dzeko visiting children in Jajce and Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje

Empowered young people, a generator of positive change

One-minute videos workshop in Mrkonjić Grad: How Vesna’s bunny toy became a movie star?

Enhancing the Communication Skills for Professionals Engaged in Child Protection System at Municipal Level

Experts working on finding solutions to prevent children without parental care to be accommodated in the residential institutions

Workshops on Peaceful Conflict Resolution: "Children learn to accept and value difference and diversity”

Improving rural lives with essential services in Gornja Tuzla

New Year’s wishes from ‘The Wall of Children’s Wishes’: ‘If you will not fulfill our wishes, at least listen to them!’

BH Teens: Giving Voice to Young People of Bosnia and Herzegovina

UNICEF BiH Marks the Universal Children’s Day 2011 with a Series of Events throughout Two Weeks in November

Life Told in One Minute: One Minute Junior Workshop for children in Derventa, BiH

Interactive play for creation of safe environment for children in divided schools in Central Bosnia

Young People from All Over BiH Made Recommendations for All Levels of Government

Catch –up immunization of Roma children – Reducing the number of risks by one

Children Should Be Protected by Discussion and Accountability of the Media, and Not By “Keeping Children Under a Glass Bell”

"It Was More Difficult to be a Child in the Past; Being a Parent is More Difficult Today"

Children take initiative, asking questions to politicians in the State Parliament

Within the Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the CRC: First Early Childhood Development Centre opened in BiH

The first UNICEF Ambassador in BiH

Catch –up immunization of Roma children – Reducing the number of risks by one

Awareness raising about prevention of infectious diseases through games and fun

Prevention starts before the actual outbreak happens

Support to Children with Special Needs

Not alonside others, but together

Bugojno – a town fit for all children

Helping Roma mothers to raise healthy children and break the vicious cicle of poverty

How to make 40 thousand children happy for a week?

Roma Education: Reaching Out to Children and Communities

Tackling Domestic Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina through Awareness and Cooperation

Short story on puppets who save children’s lives

Nikola Kokorus tells of life after landmine injury





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