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Public information document

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

Making economic sense for arsenic mitigation (March, 2011)

Children and Climate Change poster (2009)

Situation of children

Living in the Urban Jungle (November, 2010)

Do You See My World? (2009)

Children's Voices (2009)

Conventions and Treaties Ratified by Bangladesh (March, 2008)

Indicators for the MDGs: definitions, rationale, concept and sources (2003)

A World Fit for Children (July, 2002)

Child friendly version of a World Fit for Children (2002)


National Communication Framework and Plan for Infant and Young Child Feeding in Bangladesh (October, 2010)


Better Health, Better Education (2010)

Our School, Our Joy (August, 2006)

A tale of fishing (May, 2008)

The rain and the king (May, 2008)

A cat and a tiger (May, 2008)

A queen wants a cat (May, 2008)

The lucky farmer (May, 2008)

A king’s daughter marries a poor man (May, 2008)


Sexual Abuse and Commercial Exploitation of Children (2011)

Towards a justice delivery system for children in Bangladesh (September, 2010)

Saving Children from hazardous working condition is a National Priority (2007)



For every child
Health, Education, Equality, Protection