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Presentation of the Manual for Specialists in Child Rights Protection: A Joint UNICEF-Children of Armenia Fund Initiative

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for joining us today at the launch of an important publication that will serve as another investment in our common cause to ensure that children in Armenia enjoy their rights and have access to quality health, education and social protection services.  

There is a wide perception that the task of protecting children has become more complex and demanding over the last decade.  Individuals working with children require a wider range of skills and abilities, an interdisciplinary approach, and comprehensive knowledge in order to adequately address issues and effectively use problem solving tools.  Among those individuals are teachers, medical doctors, juridical professionals, policemen, social workers and psychologists.

Based on the findings of UNICEF’s Evaluation of the Child Protection Program in the Republic of Armenia (RA), despite impressive progress with regard to child protection legislation and practice, there are several remaining issues related to the scanty capacity of professionals working with children and the lack of adequate material to build and standardize capacity. 

The manual we are launching today is an important tool to raise child protection services to a qualitatively new level and an effort to address the fragmentary nature in which knowledge and skills in this area are delivered to professionals. It provides description of existing services, points out to gaps in child protection as well as presents illustrative examples of how various professionals can deal jointly with violations of child rights. It is a valuable publication for all professionals dealing with child protection as it allows them to obtain basic knowledge in other fields related to child protection.

Once included into the curriculum of the universities and national postgraduate training institutions the training package will become a basis for the introduction of child protection multi-disciplinary approach and will be used for the capacity building of future professionals.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Children of Armenia Fund, our main partner in implementation of this project as well as to all those who contributed their time, knowledge and skills and did not spare efforts to develop this useful publication. 

Thank you.



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