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The main donors of the UNICEF-initiated Youth Parliament are the Government of the Netherlands and the Swiss Cooperation and Development Agency. Both donors have long supported UNICEF activities in Albania. Youth Parliament is administered by the Albanian Youth Council. This youth organization carries out advocacy campaigns aimed at implementing youth policies.

Cooperation between UNICEF and the national television station Television Shqiptare (TVSH) brought to life the weekly youth TV programme Troç. TVSH provides air time, studio, producer, cameraman and technical assistance for the show. 

The Don Bosco Centre works with UNICEF on projects aimed at helping marginalized youth. It is the implementing partner for Youth Albania Professional Services (YAPS), a social business currently providing jobs and community for around 70 youth, and for courses aimed at helping children on the street reintegrate into school. Run by the Silesian Order in Tirana, Don Bosco Centre offers vocational training in fields ranging from construction trades to tailoring.

The French Red Cross is UNICEF’s main implementing partner for youth-friendly health services.



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