Early childhood






Early childhood

The Ministry of Health and UNICEF work together on a range of public health issues in Albania, especially in immunization, salt iodization and promoting holistic health care through Integrated Management of Child Illnesses. The Ministry of Health, with its district level branches, is the main body for health policy formulation, decision-making and management.

Institute of Public Health, a governmental institution with expertise in immunization, quality of drinking water and food nutrition, is UNICEF’s main partner in conducting surveys, evaluations and studies.

The Albanian Group for the Protection and Promotion of Breastfeeding was established in 1997 as a branch of the International Baby Food Action Network. The Group provides training for health personnel, advocates for breastfeeding and monitors implementation of the law on marketing of breastmilk substitutes.

UNICEF supports the Christian Children’s Fund in running 59 Gardens of Mothers and Children in poor suburbs of Tirana and the north of Albania. These home-based pre-schools offer safe, friendly and stimulating spaces for preschool children as well as parenting information for their mothers and fathers.

Human Development Centre is UNICEF’s partner in the Better Parenting Initiative, which aims to spread parenting skills. An NGO established in 1997, the Center conducts research in early childhood development and works on school-home partnership, conflict resolution, communication and home-based parent education training.

Step by Step and UNICEF provide training for crèche caregivers to promote child-centered teaching methodologies. This Albanian NGO gives special attention to minority and marginalized groups.



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