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Mr Palm's speech during the Silent Auction event “I love my country” organized by World Vision on 5 December 2012

The plight of children from vulnerable families and groups often goes unnoticed. The difficult life of poor people doesn’t make it into the evening news. Sometimes we refer to them as “invisible children”, because their problems and issues do not show up in statistics.

Vulnerable children need special help. This is more easy to understand when we see a child that perhaps needs a wheelchair or a hearing aid. It is more difficult to see, when the issue is in the neighbourhood or the family. These are situations where we cannot simply appeal to the parents, but where the society as a whole is asked.

This auction is an excellent way of showing that children with a difficult background have the same hopes and aspirations and expectations from life as any other children. Because they are from a difficult background, it is upon us all to help them making their dreams come true.

The auction is one way to help. I think Rein from World Vision has found a very clever and interesting way to actually involve the children themselves in managing the proceeds. I also hope that the event will help all of us to focus our attention in the long run, and more consistently unto those who are disadvantaged. That we adjust our lives, and our national and local policies, and our budgets so that everyone gets the same chance.



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