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Mr Palm's remarks during the opening ceremony of the International Human Rights Film Festval in Albania on 24 September 2012

It is my role, on behalf of the organizing board, to thank all those who continue to underwrite the film festival, for their financial, material or spiritual contribution, and for their support to advancing human rights. The event would not be possible if it were not for the many contributions from Albanian businesses and donors.  A special thank you to those.

I still have the dream, and we are coming closer to it, that the festival is evolving into a red carpet event; where businesses, organizations and individuals want to be seen as being active for the promotion of human rights.

As always I also like to thank Kujtim Cashku and the staff of the Marubi Film School for their tremendous efforts.

I still have a short story. I was visiting a small town in Albania. I knew there were some Roma living at the edge of the town. The mayor showed me the town’s social programme, including a kindergarten, which interested me as I am from UNICEF.

I asked him who was admitted to the kindergarten. He looked at me, thought for a while, and then said: Those who belong to this community.

And here, I think Albania, and we all can still do much better. Human Rights are not only for people who belong to our community. Human Rights are not only for people who think the same way we do, or who look the same as we do. If it comes to human rights, we as decision makers, influential people, and politicians have the same obligations, whether the people belong to our community or not.

I hope that the festival will help to enliven the discussion.



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