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Mr Palm's speech during the launching event of the UNICEF annual flagship publication - State of the World's Children 2012 - "Children in Urban areas" with Tirana Mayor, Mr Lulzim Basha on 28 February 2012

Cities can be the good life, with a lot of opportunities. Cities can also be very difficult, if you live in a family who is poor.

The UNICEF global report, released today, is about children in the cities. It says that now more children are living in cities than in villages.

A couple of years ago, when we thought of someone who is poor, we thought of a farmer in a village. But the report says, that the greatest disparities between rich and poor now exist in cities.

We know that most children go to kindergartens, but that children of poor parents stay at home. And this is especially hard when you live in a city.

In a city, if you are poor, you may live close to a clinic, but you may not be able to get treatment.
When parents are poor, some children may be asked to work on the street, at a time when they should go to school.

Unequal societies create more problems for themselves, such as more crime, or violence.

But I want to let you know, or remind you, that all children are equal. And every child can and must enjoy the basic rights, regardless how rich or poor their parents are.

Cities can make a difference. With this, I like to hand over the State of the World's Children report to the mayor of Tirana.

I encourage the municipality to keep the best interests of the children in this city - your children - close to your heart. Children most not get lost in the urban agenda. Put children first.



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