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Mr Palm's speech during the opening ceremony of the International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania (IHRFFA) from 25 to 30 September 2011

The world is full of problems. Whole nations go into crisis. We as individuals have our own issues. Global financial crisis, debt crisis, political crisis, unrest, vandalism, pollution, nuclear disasters, unemployment, crime. You name it. Problems in the workplace, medical issues, stress at school, problems at home.

And some people may ask: don’t we have already enough issues to deal with? Why do we have to bother with something as thorny as human rights?
Here is my point. Many everyday issues are human rights issues. And if they are not a human rights issue yet, they may become human right issues, depending on how we go about solving them.

The selected movies help us to understand the human rights dimensions of many of our global or private issues. They show the pain, the agony, the suffering of children, women and men who have become the victims for reasons beyond their own control. The films help us to see reality through a different lens. They give us a sharper sense of justice, fairness and rights, so we find better solutions. I hope they provoke debate.

The Festival would not be possible if it were not for the many contributions from Albanian businesses and donors.  On behalf of the organizing board, I wish to thank all those who continue to underwrite the event, for their financial, material or spiritual contribution, and for their support to advancing human rights. I like to thank especially Kujtim Çashku  and the staff of the Marubi Film School for organizing the event.




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