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Mr Palm's address during the inauguration of The Youth Employment Service (YES) office in Kukës on 3 December 2010

Inauguration of The Youth Employment Service (YES) office in Kukës - A Government of Albania programme supported by the UN as a Joint Programme and financed by the Government of Spain (MDG Achievement Fund)

Dear Participants,

I am happy to be here to help in the launching of the YES. This is a great opportunity. I want to invite all youth of Kukës to use these services. The services are friendly and provide useful support when you try to find a job or plan your career. One always needs a good advice or a second opinion when it comes to take a decision about one future life. This is especially important when you just about to begin looking for a job.
I am as happy as you are that you will soon be able to travel to European countries without a visa. Maybe it will take some time until you have earned some money to pay for the trip. I wish you well in making contact with young people in other countries. Young people in other countries will be eager to meet you and hear about Albania. But if you need a job, you will have to find it in Albania. Albania is still growing fast, and to find a job will become easier.  This centre can help you to get ready for it. Use it.

It is your own initiative that makes the difference. You yourself can contribute a lot to the development of your country.  Discover your entrepreneur spirit in you! Take control over your life. Before thinking of going abroad, inform yourself. Get ready for it. Learn how to present yourself at a job interview. These services can help you.

Sometimes we have too much information and find it difficult to sort this out. Sometimes we know too little. This centre can support you to increase your chances for employment.

Let me stress to the managers, that it is important that the employment services reach out young people in schools and the community. And that they work well with the private business. Information campaigns are a routine part of the work, to reach as many young people as possible. I have been told that the centre is already also being used by the local unions, to conduct training on “young people’s rights at work”. This is great. The more is going on at this centre, the more action happens, the more young people will use it.

I thank the officials from Kukës region and municipality, the National Employment Service officials, the Ministry of Labour, and the workers of this centre for providing quality services. I also thank the Spanish government and taxpayers, whose funds have supported the establishment of this service. I thank all our collaborators in the UN system for helping young Albanians building their future in Albania.




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