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Publications in English produced by UNICEF Albania are listed below by category and can be downloaded in PDF format. For other UNICEF publications, see


Related information on the Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989. It entred into force on 2 September 1990, in accordance with article 49.

The Assembly of the Republic of Albania ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child by Law No. 7531 on 11 December 1991.

Convention on the Rights of the Child in English language

Konventa per te drejtat e femijes ne gjuhen shqipe

Committee on the Rights of the Child - 61st Pre-Sessional Working Group (17 September - 5 October 2012) held in Geneva, Switzerland

United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child in its 61st session considered the report submitted by the Albanian Government under article 44 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child. The team composed of Government Officials and non-government specialists participated in the State Party dialogue of Albania with the CRC Committee on 25 and 26 September 2012 in Geneva. Concluding observations in English and in Albanian language (not official translation), are broadly discussed with key stakeholders in Albania to set a strong agenda for 2013 and beyond.

Please click here for the official Concluding Observations in English language.

Please click here for the non official translation of the Concluding Observations in Albanian language.

Below are the country reports submitted by the Country of Albania to the Children's Rights Commission.

1. Consideration of reports submitted by States parties under article 8, paragraph 1, of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict 

2. The first National and Periodic Report in the Framework of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention "On the Rights of the Child, the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography"

3. Convention on the Rights of the Child - Albanian Second, Third and Fourth Periodic Report 


Alternative Report - For the situation of children’s rights and on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This is the first alternative report on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child prepared by the Children’s Alliance.  The Alliance is the largest coalition or network of children’s organisations in Albania, with a membership of 150 civil society organizations. Through this report, the Alliance seeks to shed light on the situation of the rights of the child in Albania, both in terms of implementation and compliance with the Convention and in terms of violations of these standards. In this respect, this Report is complementary to the country report submitted by the Country of Albania to the Children’s Rights Commission on DATE, and reporting on the period of 2005-2009.

Please click here for the English version of the document.

Ju lutemi klikoni ketu per versionin shqip te dokumentit.



HBSC (Health Behaviours of School Children) survey - 2014

HBSC Main findings - 2014
HBSC Gjetjet kryesore - 2014

Set of clinical practice guidelines for  4 areas (antenatal care, postnatal care, child growth and development and child nutrition) the relevant standards protocols under these clinical guidelines and the standards of services for the women and child consulting centers. (link outside the website)

Report on Monitoring of practices of marketing the breast-milk substitutes in Albania - 2013

Baseline Nutrition and Food Security Survey - Summary and Key Findings. 2012

Effective use of Economic Aid to improve health and nutrition status of children in poor families - Report on findings and recommendations from focus group discussions Tirana, February 2012
(Klikoni ketu per versionin shqip te publikimit)

Participatory Capacity and needs assessment for key local partners and targeted communities
To Design, Implement and Monitor Nutrition and Food Security Interventions; To Define Community Based Interventions. 2012

Primary health care providers KAP survey on anemia and infant feeding, 2010  (per versionin shqip klikoni ketu)

The Economic Consequences Of Malnutrition in Albania (Part one). 2010

Agriculture and Nutrition Security - 2010
Bujqësia dhe sigurimi i ushqimit - 2010
Assessment of Iodine Deficiency Status among Albanian Children and Pregnant Women - 2008

Vlerësimi i Shërbimeve të Konsultoreve të Nënës dhe Fëmijës në Shqipëri - 2011
Assessment of maternal and child health consulting services in Albania - 2011

Baseline Nutrition and Food Security Survey - 2010

Reducing malnutrition in children - 2010
Zvogëlimi i kequshqyerjes tek fëmijët - 2010

Kripa e jodizuar broshure - 2007
Kripa e jodizuar broshure - 2010

Monitorimi i kripes se jodizuar - 2009

Key family practices for better infant and young child nutrition - 2010
Praktika bazë në familje për një ushqyerje më të mirë të foshnjës dhe fëmijës së vogël - 2010

Ushqyerja e fëmijës 6-12 muajsh - 2012
Ushqyerja vetëm me qumësht gjiri gjatë 6 muajve të parë - 2012
Ushqyerja e shëndetëshme gjatë shtatzanisë dhe ushqyerjes me gji - 2012

Assessment of the milling industry for the purpose of wheat flour fortification – 2010
Një vlerësim për industrinë e blojës në Shqipëri me qëllim rritjen e vlerave ushqyese (fortifikimin) e miellit të grurit - 2010

Food Security and its Determinant Factors - 2010
Sigurimi i ushqimit dhe faktorët përcaktues - 2010

Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on iodine deficiency disorders among Albanian women of reproductive age - 2007

Monitoring of breastfeeding practices in infants and young children in Albania - 2007
Monitorimi praktikave të ushqyerjes me gji në të porsalindurit dhe fëmijët e vegjël në Shqipëri - 2007

Studim mbi Ushqyerjen dhe Sigurimin e Ushqimit - 2010

Pasojat Ekonomike të Kequshqyerjes në Shqipëri - 2010

Albania Demographic and Health Survey - 2008-09
Studimi Demografik dhe Shëndetësor në Shqipëri - 2008-09

ADHS - Key findings - 2008-09
ADHS - Gjetjet kryesore - 2008-09

ADHS leaflet - 2008-09
ADHS fletepalosje - 2008-09

ADHS Posteri - 2008-09

Advanced Analysis of Albanian Demographic and Health Survey. Data of 2008 - 2009

Breastfeeding survey explores exclusive BF rates and other infant feeding practices. It also includes observations regarding violations of the Albanian law for marketing of breast milk substitutes. 2002

Health facility survey on case management of ARI/CDD assesses the implementation of programmes to combat acute respiratory illnesses and diarrhoeal diseases. 2001

Qualitative evaluation of safe motherhood materials through focus groups assessed the quality, understanding and completeness of information in the SM IEC info package. 2001

Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Beliefs Survey: Reproductive and Family Health Related Issues in Albania, a joint survey carried out by the UN agencies in Albania. 2000


Early Childhood

Developing a Pattern for Roma Children Inclusion in Preschool - November 2014

UNIVERSAL PRESCHOOL AT FIVE - September 2014  (Klikoni ketu per versionin shqip)

Assessment of the capacities of healthcare institutions, residential care institutions and crèches to support and encourage early childhood development in Albania - December 2013

UNICEF Early Childhood Policy Consultancy: Examining the content and use of Albanian early learning and development standards - November 2013

The impact of ECD services in women’s empowerment in vulnerable communities - October 2013

Raport për Rishikimin e Standardeve Parashkollore në Shqipëri - October 2013

Manual for Creches Constructions Planning / Udhezues per Projektimin e Qendrave te Kujdesit per Femijet (Albanian version only). 2012

Analysis of the creches cost in Tirana. November 2011

Rapid Assesment of Roma families in Tirana and Durres / Vleresim i shpejte i familjeve Rome ne Tirane dhe Durres (Albanian version only) 2011

The development of preschool in Albania: perspectives, policies and costing - Costing summary. 2010

Child rearing study. 2007

Situation of early childhood in main public sectors, carried out by the ECCD Task Force, assessed how government ministries (Education, Health, Justice etc.) address early childhood needs and sets targets for future improvements. February 2004



“Small scale study on the applicability of the ‘school providing meal approach’ - towards building Child Friendly Schools as inclusive schools - to the benefit of marginalized children" (Durrës) - 2013
Versioni Shqip
English version

Toolkit for the identification and prevention of the school drop-out and out-of-school children in Albania - 2013
Versioni Shqip
English version

Development of a functional school/student-based EMIS in Korça and Kukësi Regions to monitor hidden inequities and provide quality education to every student in Albania (Developing new approaches for policy change) - 2012
Versioni Shqip
English version

Assessment report on the implementation of the MoES ‘Second Chance’ programme - 2012
Versioni Shqip
English version 

Assessment report on the implementation of legal acts for reimbursement of ‘free textbooks’ in Basic Education - 2012
Versioni Shqip
English version 

Meal providing schools: Situation analysis and assessment report from socio-economic, legislative, policy and institutional interaction aspects - 2012
Versioni Shqip
English version 

Assessment report on the supplementary classes as a fruitful means for the prevention and reduction of the school drop-out (Tested in Korça, Berat and Durrës) - 2012
Versioni Shqip

Supplementary classes tool-kit (tested in Korça, Berat and Durres) - 2012
Versioni Shqip 

Assessment report on the scaling up level of the hidden drop-out approach in Albania and recommendations for the future - 2012
Versioni Shqip
English version 

Successful experiences on the hidden drop-out approach in basic education from Kukesi, Korça and Gjirokastra - 2012
Versioni Shqip 

Guideline booklet for the creation and well-functioning of the Students Governments - 2012 
Versioni Shqip

Child Friendly School in a nutshell - 2012
Versioni Shqip 

Trainer's standards in education - 2012
Versioni Shqip

External evaluation report on the well-functioning of the Student Governments of Basic Education in Kukes and Korça Regions (with recommendations for the improvement of Normative Provisions) - 2011
Versioni Shqip
English version 

Booklet with most successful experiences of Student Governments in Kukes and Korça - 2010
Versioni Shqip 

Strategy of Education For All 2008-2018 (Gjirokastra Region) - 2009
Versioni Shqip 

Study report: Drop-out, causes and recommendations (Kukes region) - 2008
Versioni Shqip 

Study report on the situation of parental involvement in education in Albania - 2008
Versioni Shqip
English version 

Strategy of Education For All 2007-2015 (Korça Region) - 2007
Versioni Shqip 

Hidden drop-out: Minimal Necessary Learning Objectives – Teacher’s Guide - 2007
Versioni Shqip 

Education in Albania – National Dossier Indicators and trends - 2006
Versioni Shqip
English version 

Hidden drop-out - Student to student experiences - 2006
Versioni Shqip 

Facing the Hidden drop-out challenge in Albania - External evaluation report  - 2006
English version 

“The Hidden Drop‐out Challenge in Albania - A focus on learning achievements” - 2005
English version

Hidden drop-out - Manual for school principals - 2005
Versioni Shqip 

Hidden drop-out survey: Results and recommendations for teachers - 2002
Versioni Shqip 

Internal and External Evaluation of Reggio Emilia, an assessment of the Reggio Emilia model of early childhood education in kindergartens in Albania (to be uploaded soon) - 2002
Versioni Shqip 

School Dropout, Causes, Recommendations (Durres region) - 2001 (to be uploaded soon)

Global Education Project - Evaluation Report for Second Phase - 2000
English version



National study on the street children in Albania (Albanian version) / (English version) - April 2014

Evaluation Report - Moving forward on alternative care - Assessment of the Foster Care Pilot Project in Albania - October 2013

Mbrojtja e fëmijëve nga dhuna - Bërja e sistemeve më mbështetëse për familjet dhe më përgjegjëse për të drejtat e fëmijëve. (English version)

Botimi i Konferences Shkencore: "Dhuna kunder femijeve ne Shqiperi: Si e parandalojnë dhunën kundër fëmijëve sistemi i mbrojtjes sociale dhe shërbimet sociale në Shqipëri?” -  21 nentor, 2012.
Ky botim mund të përdoret si një mjet reference dhe njëkohësisht si një burim idesh për të gjithë palët e interesuara që kanë lidhje me punën e mbrojtjes së fëmijëve ndër të cilët mund të përmendim: qeverinë, ligjvënësit, përpiluesit e politikave, vendimmarrësit, zbatuesit e programeve, qeverinë vendore dhe shoqërinë civile për ta çuar më tej debatin dhe për të bërë identifikimin e ndërhyrjeve të rëndësishme për të përmirësuar parandalimin e abuzimit ndaj fëmijëve në Shqipëri.

Thematic Study - How to Improve Responsiveness of Service Providers in Identifying, Reporting and Referring Cases of Violence Against Children (2012)

Studim tematik - Si të Përmirësojmë Reagimin e Ofruesve të Shërbimeve Për të Identifikuar, Raportuar dhe Referuar Rastet e Dhunës Ndaj Fëmijëve (2012)

Follow on the conference on Social Services Reform in Albania - UN guidelines on the Alternative Care for Children. 21 to 22 June 2011

Conference on Social Service Reform in Albania - The Conference on Social Services will review models for the provision of social services by central and local government including the ministries, prefectures and state level authorities, municipalities and communes within Albania. It will make recommendations on the further institutionalization and management of effective social services in Albania. 23 to 24 November 2010

Strengthening Child, Youth and Family Protection System in Albania - The Report of the National Conference was organized by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and UNICEF Albania. 24 to 25September 2007

Violence against Children in Albania, is an outcome of a successful partnership between UNICEF Albania and the Human Development Centre, undertaken to meet a national need to design policies and projects on the basis of accurate data, and the need of international institutions for data on violence against children in Albania. 2006

Assessment of the Child Care Services and the Institutions for Children Without Parental Care
This study aims to identify the most critical issues facing the child social protection system in order to develop effective recommendations for building a legal and institutional framework that can ensure the social integration of children deprived of parental care. 2005

Trafficking of Albanian Children into Greece, a Terre des Hommes study supported by UNICEF. January 2003

Mapping of Existing Information on Domestic Violence, a joint study by UNICEF and National Committee of Women and Family, gathers research analysing the nature and extent of domestic violence in Albania. October 2000

Domestic Violence in Albania, an explanatory study that identifies forms of violence occurring within families, women’s perception of violence and their coping mechanisms, and societal implications. August 2003

Towards a Comprehensive Juvenile Justice System for Albania, prepared by an expert group commissioned by UNICEF, contains recommendations and action steps for short-term and long-term policy planning. March 2000


Juvenile Justice

Comentary on the Law on Mediation. Albanian language only. The commentary provides professionals - the prosecutors, judges, lawyers, and mediators - guidance on the best ways to implement the mediation law. It reflects on the role of mediation as a service that is available for both sides in the conflict. It also discusses the reasons for use of mediation for juveniles. Komentari per Ligjin per Ndermjetesimin 2012

Manual për Matjen e Treguesve të Sistemit të Drejtësisë për të Miturit. 2011

Proçesi Gjyqësor ku Fëmijët Përfshihen si Viktima dhe Dëshmitarë të Veprës Penale - Ligji Bazë dhe Materiali Shpjegues. 2011

Manual për Proçesin Gjyqësor ku Fëmijët janë Viktima dhe Dëshmitarë të Veprës Penale. 2011

Good practices and promising initiatives in UNICEF CEE/CIS Region  - A catalogue of practices documented through the Juvenile Justice Critical Mass initiative (April 2010)

Handbook for Professionals and Policymakers on Justice Matters Involving Child Victims and Witnesses of Crime. 2009

Justice in Matters Involving Child Victims and Witnesses of Crime - Model Law and Related Commentary. 2009

Assessment of Juvenile Justice Reform Achievements in Alabania - UNICEF Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe/Commonwealth of Independent States. July 2009

Hearing Session in the Albanian Assembly on "The Situation of Juveniles in Conflict with the Law” - This is a working report on a hearing session on “The Situation of Juveniles in conflict with the law”. The hearing was organised by the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Juveniles and Equal Opportunities, in co-operation with UNICEF and the Center on Child Rights in Albania – (CRCA /DCI Albania). 11 March 2009

Implementing Alternative Measures to Detention in Penal Cases - This Publication is a working report of the Forum on Implementing alternative measures in penal cases "Introducing & sharing experiences on restorative justice and Victim-Offender Mediation application for juveniles and beyond" held in Tirana from 25 -26 February 2009.

The Role of Psychologist and Social Worker on Administration of Juvenile Justice - General guidelines. Albanian language. 2008
Psikologu dhe Punonjësi Social në Drejtësinë për të Miturit - Udhërrëfyes gjithëpërfshirës. 2008

Juvenile Deliquency in Albania - Analysis of factors and causes of juvenile delinquency in Albania. 2007

Kriminaliteti i të Miturve në Shqipëri – Analize e shkaqeve dhe faktoreve te kriminalitetit tek te miturit ne Shqiperi. 2007

Juvenile Justice in Albania - An analysis of the juvenile justice system and the situation of juveniles in Albania. 2007

Drejtësia për të Miturit në Shqipëri - Nje analize e sistemit te administrimit te drejtesise per te miturit ne Shqiperi. 2007

Restorative Justice and Mediation in Penal Cases - Manual for Judges and Prosecutors. Albanian language. 2007
Drejtësia Restauruese dhe Ndërmjetësimi në Zgjidhjen e Konflikteve Penale - Manual për gjyqtarë dhe prokurorë. 2007

Studim-Analizë mbi Vlerësimin e Situatës së Ndihmës Ligjore Falas në Shqipëri - Ky studim eshte pergatitur nga Qendra e Shërbimeve dhe Praktikave Ligjore të Integruara mbeshtetur nga program i perbashket i Bashkimit Europian, UNICEF and Sida. July 2006 - March 2007 

Manual for Lawyers on Protection of Juveniles in Conflict with the Law - Te mbrosh te miturit: Manual per Avokatet ne procesin penal. Botimi i këtij manuali u mundësua nga UNICEF-i dhe u përgatit për botim nga Qendra e Shërbimeve dhe Praktikave Ligjore të Integruara. 2007

Forum on Alternatives Measures Approach for Juveniles in Conflict with the Law - This publication is a working report of the Alternatives Measures to Detention organised jointly by UNICEF and Terre des Hommes. April 2006 

Forum on Alternative Measures on Approach for Juveniles in Conflict with the Law - This publication is a working report of the Forum on Restorative Justice and Mediation organised jointly by the Ministry of Justice, UNICEF, Sida, and EC in collaboration and partnership with Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution, Norwegian Mediation Services and Council of Europe. 11-16 April 2006

Mediation of Conflicts in School Ages – Manual for teachers in Albanian language. This manual helps the teachers, especially the mentor teachers to professionally manage school disagreements and conflicts. The publication of this manual was enabled by UNICEF and prepared for publication by the “Conflict Resolution Foundation”. 2006
Ndërmejetësimi i Konflikteve Shkollore - Manual per mesuesit. Ky manual ndihmon mesuesit ne menaxhimin e mosmarreveshtjeve dhe konflikteve ne shkolle. Publikimi i ketij manuali u mundesua nga UNICEF dhe u pergatit nga Fondacioni Shqiptar per Zgjidhjen e Konflikteve dhe Mosmarreveshtjeve. 2006

Manual for the Measurements of Juvenile Justice Indicators. 2006


HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and life skills

Assessment on HIV/AIDS among Roma Young People. August 2002

Rapid Assessment and Response on HIV/AIDS among Especially Vulnerable Young People in Korça looks at the risk behaviours of a highly mobile population near the Greek border. March 2002

Rapid Assessment and Response on HIV/AIDS among Especially Vulnerable Young People in Shkodra assesses trends in drug use and drug users’ vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in a town on a drug trafficking route. March 2002

Rapid Assessment and Response on HIV/AIDS among Especially Vulnerable Young People in Tirana analyzes drug use and sexual and health-seeking behaviours of young people in the capital. March 2002

Rapid Assessment and Response on HIV/AIDS among Sex Workers in Vlora looks at risk behaviour among sex workers in the main transit town for human trafficking to Italy. March 2002

Rapid Assessment and Response on HIV/AIDS among Especially Vulnerable Young People in Albania. March 2002

Updated report on the overview of HIV in SEE outlines the HIV epidemic in South Eastern Europe in the framework of UNAIDS’ regional strategic priorities. 2002

Regional RAR Report, a compilation of Balkan country reports on the Rapid Assessment and Response of Especially Vulnerable Young People to HIV/AIDS. 2002


Youth and Adolescence

Troç Audience Survey assesses the impact of the weekly young people’s TV show on viewers. December 2002

Bocconi University (Milan) Business School Case Study reviews the evolution of social business in different countries and analyses the YAPS experience in Albania. November 2001

Young Voices: Opinion Survey of Children and Young People in Albania. Commissioned jointly by UNICEF and OSCE; part of a survey carried out all over the CEE/CIS and Baltics region. May 2001

Rehabilitation of vulnerable groups through social business schemes in countries in transition: The YAPS case study (on Youth Albania Professional Services). 2001

Social business and social exclusion in countries in transition The case of Albania examines the potential of social business to challenge some of the root causes of social exclusion by empowering marginalized youth with training, employment and chance for social reintegration. 2000


YEM Publications - Albanian language 

Guidelines for career counselling - Udherrefyes per keshilluesit e karrieres

Preparing for the labour market - Te pergatitesh per tregun e punes

Creating  your career portafolio - Te krijosh dhe pasurosh portofolin e karrieres

A successful application - Nje aplikim i suksesshem

Writing to your employer - Ti shkruash punedhenesit

A successful interview - Nje interviste e suksesshme

Preparing for a interview - Te pergatitesh per nje interviste

Advice for entrepreneurs - Keshilla per sipermarresit

A decent work - Nje punesim i denje


Cross Cutting

Reforming Economic Aid: from Survival to Investment in Poverty Reduction 
The national study, Reforming Economic Aid: from Survival to Investment in Poverty Reduction, of which the report is presented here, analyses the relationship between economic aid and the social and economic situation of  children from families on the economic aid program. (Click here for the Albanian version of the publication)

Addressing Inequalities - National Report The post-2015 Agenda and the "Future we want" for all. This Report is based on and reflects an extensive public consultation in Albania, held from January 2013 – March 2013. Its content and recommendations do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of UN agencies in Albania.

The Future we want - The post - 2015 Agenda and the "Future we want" . This publication informs about young people's views on Inequality, Youth Employment and Environment.

Youth and Transition The first study produced by INSTAT’s new Social Research Centre, provides a comprehensive analysis of adolescence in Albania. November 2003

Needs for Information, a joint publication of the Municipality of Tirana and UNICEF, on social conditions in the Albanian capital. November 2002

Children and the media  a survey of the children and young people's opinion on their use and trust in media. December 2011 

Assessment of Social and Economic Conditions in Districts of Albania. December 2000

Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey Report Albania, a nationally representative survey carried out by National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) with UNICEF assistance. December 2000


Links to publications / studies made by partners

* The following links send you outside the UNICEF website.
The content of publications and findings of the studies do not necessarily reflect the official view or endorsement of UNICEF

Census-AL 2011

What is a Census?

The census is an activity that is carried out once every 10 years. The census is a complete count process for all individuals, Households and Housing Units, or anything else that will be logged.

INSTAT during the last 3 years there were 3 major records:

- Census of Population and Housing, October 2011
- General registration non-agricultural entities, November 2010
- General registration of Agriculture, October 2012

A Population and Housing Census is a complete count of all persons, households and dwellings, destination of which is residential. It is a very complex survey, which provides important information not only for policymakers but also for the community and business users. The main purpose of Population and Housing Census is to provide an overview of current and accurate demographic, economic and social reality in the country. Census gives a photography on the social situation and level of living of the population in a given moment (The critical moment of the Census). Only a census can provide such completed and detailed data and its results are vital for policy and effective measures.

Please click here to get Census data: 


Evaluation Study of Child Protection Units - by World Vision

As part of the regular programme evaluation and planning process, World Vision decided to commission a study to consider the effectiveness and practice of the CPUs. The time was judged right to do this due to an increased emphasis being placed on the role of CPUs in protecting children. This importance has been reflected in the role of CPUs being mandated under the law (Law Number 10347, 4 November 2010, concerning ‘The Protection of the Rights of the Child’5). The CPU Model, first introduced by UNICEF, has been identified in previous assessments (in 2009) as a viable model for the protection of children, and as an important element in the development of a national child protection system. (Klikoni ketu per versionin shqip te studimit)



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