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UN children’s agency sets out a 2015 agenda to end violence, preventable death and poverty among hardest-to-reach children

DAVOS, 20 January 2015 – On the eve of the World Economic Forum, UNICEF outlined an ambitious ‘Agenda for Every Child’ that it says must drive the post-2015 sustainable development goals.
As leaders spanning all sectors gather in Davos, UNICEF is challenging the global community to make children a priority in the new Sustainable Development Goals, a roadmap for human progress over the next 15 years that will drive investment and action worldwide. The goals will be agreed to at the United Nations General Assembly in September.

The first Convention in Albania to reform social care services for those most at risk

Tirana, 2 December 2014 - Many of the barriers  that hamper the wellbeing of children and families in Albania could be overcome  if they were able to access basic social protection services. With this premise in mind, , Social State Services called a  convention on how to improve social care services for those most at risk at affordable costs.

Eastern European and Central Asian countries promote better access to HIV testing for adolescents on World AIDS Day

TBILISI/GENEVA, 1 December 2014 — A European Union (EU)-UNICEF conference on “Good practices in working with vulnerable adolescents, reducing their HIV risks and building their resilience” is being held in Tbilisi, Georgia in partnership with non-state and government partners from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244), Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Romania, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Albania commemorates the CRC@25 achievements but it urges for new ways of thinking and new ways of doing –for children in Albania to ensure that no child can be left behind!

Tirana, 24 November 2014 - To mark the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), around 200 youngsters (15- 18 years of age) from seven regions of Albania participated in a series of consultations under the theme “Is Albania now a better place for children”?

Governments in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia commit to ending violence against all children

MINSK, 12 November 2014 – For thousands of children across Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, violence is a daily reality. More than two thirds of children in the region have experienced violence at some point in their lives. Today, governments, experts and civil society have come together to reaffirm their commitment to place ending violence against children at the centre of their national dialogue and policies.

Launching of the study “Healthy Behaviors in school children aged 11 to 15 years old”

Tirana - October 20, 2014 – The findings of the study “Healthy Behaviors in school children aged 11 to 15 years old” presented today by the Institute of Public Health reaffirms “the importance of promoting healthy behaviors in children and adolescents since it does not only affect their health but it helps them prepare for a better future”. 

Conference on child rights in a digital future opens in Istanbul today

ISTANBUL/GENEVA, 16 October 2014 — An international conference on children, youth, and digital media co-hosted by UNICEF and 11 Turkish universities started today at Istanbul University. 
As part of the celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the ground breaking UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the conference aims to reflect on the progress made and to draw attention to new and persisting challenges faced by vulnerable children and families. The Convention itself was ground breaking  since it looked anew at children with rights equal to those of adults and has proven to be invaluable for ensuring progress for children across the globe.

Child rights come first! "Strengthening the functions of Ombudsman Office for the protection and promotion of Child rights"

Tirana, 3 December 2013 – A Child Rights Section should be established at the Ombudsman office in Albania, specifically to relate to children rights and their views and take active steps to respond to their needs. The CRC Committee also urges Albania to take all the necessary measures to conduct awareness-raising programs, particularly for children, including children living in remote areas on the possibility of submitting complaints to the Child Rights Section.

“Urgent policy action or lose another generation” says UNICEF report - focusing on children with disabilities

Tirana, 2 December 2013 – Although significant reforms have been undertaken in support of children with disabilities and many positive changes are occurring, millions of children with disabilities are still left out, forgotten and invisible, says, UNICEF’s flagship publication “The State of the World`s Children 2013” which focuses on children with disabilities.

Albanian teachers use new ways of child discipline at school

Tirana, 26 November 2013 – Teachers and school children found that by adopting  disciplinary measures that are not based on fear, threats, humiliation or physical force can help to reduce violence incidence at the school environment – says the communication for behaviour change survey released today from Ministry of Education and Sports. 

Child poverty card – a comparative report of child wellbeing in Albania

Tirana, 20 November 2013 – The Child Rights Observatory is marking the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights on the Child with the publishing of the Child Poverty Card. The Child Poverty Card is a report on child wellbeing in Albania. This report is designed to compare the performance of the Albanian regions in securing the rights of children.

Major step forward to end violence against children in South East Europe

Tirana/Geneva/Brussels, 12 November 2013 – A joint EU and UNICEF initiative aimed at protecting children against violence in four countries in South Eastern Europe has wrapped up with a plea to make the issue a Europe wide priority.
The Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama said: “My government and I are committed to help ending violence against children. I invite other key leaders to join me in making this global concern a European priority.”

UNICEF and Trebeshina LTD Hari Lena Group join forces for Children in Albania

Tirana, 30 April 2013 – Trebeshina LTD Hari Lena Group and UNICEF Office launched a joint communication initiative for Children in Albania. Trebeshina LTD Hari Lena Group water bottles will carry important messages for parents and the public at large. The messages will be displayed on an estimated 25 million bottles of water that Trebeshina LTD Hari Lena is expecting to sell during the next 12 months. The campaign focuses on the wellbeing of young children. The messages will help parents, families, caregivers and even grandparents to pay attention to the importance of the first three years of a child.  The first message to be printed on each bottle is: Talk, play and read to your child!

"1,000 days beginning from pregnancy to the child’s second birthday it’s the crucial time to meet a child’s nutritional needs" says UNICEF global report on Nutrition

Tirana, 17 April 2013 – A child early nutrition will affect his/her life later growth and mental development and under nutrition contributes to one-third of child deaths. Poverty, household food insecurity and poor infant and child feeding practices all contribute to malnutrition. New UNICEF Global Report “Improving Child Nutrition: The achievable imperative for global progress” is launched on 15 April 2013 in Dublin to reflect countries progress and needs for children.

Press Conference on Communication for Behavioral Impact (COMBI) - 450,000 parents speak out against violence in schools

Tirana, 12 December 2012 – Students from more than 2800 compulsory schools across the country hand over to the teachers and the Ministry of Education petitions signed by almost 500,000 parents. The petitions show the support of the public and parents for a “New Way of Discipline” in schools, to reduce the violence against children. The 500,000 signatures on the petitions show that the parents agree that Albania needs a better approach to discipline, and that they support the adoption of a new way of discipline at home and in school.

Government of Albania hosted a Scientific Conference on Violence against Children in Albania in collaboration with UNICEF supported by EU to assess how does social protection system and social services prevent violence against children in Albania

Tirana, 21 November 2012 – A Scientific National Conference on Violence against Children was organized by the Government of Albania, UNICEF, EC, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Austrian Development Cooperation and CRCA, BKTF, Children Today, Albanian Children Alliance and Terre des Homes. The Conference's recommendations will serve policy makers to better address and initiate new policies for the prevention of children from violence.

Government Reforms Social Care Service, supported by a USD 3.3 million grant from the Swiss Development Cooperation provided through UNICEF

Tirana, 4 October 2012 – The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities continues its reform of social care services. The reform is supported by a USD 3.3 million grant from the Swiss Development Cooperation provided through UNICEF.

Improving responses to violence against children by turning evidence into policy and results

Sarajevo, 18 September 2012 - Government, Ombudspersons and civil society representatives from Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey are meeting in Sarajevo as part of a two-year joint initiative of the European Union and UNICEF to help protect children from violence in South East Europe.

Partnering with local governments and communities to establish baby friendly communities

Tirana, August 2012 – On the 20th anniversary of World Breastfeeding Week, UNICEF says strong national policies supporting breastfeeding could prevent the deaths of around 1 million children under five in the developing world each year.

Effective use of Economic Aid to improve health and nutrition status of children in poor families

Tirana, 10 May 2012 – A new survey on the effect of social assistance on children aims to contribute to the ongoing reform of the current social protection scheme. The survey has been carried out by the Urban Research Institute & National Center for Social studies, supported by UNICEF.

Albanian schools going green

Tirana, 8 May 2012 – Cleaned schools, trained and motivated teachers on environmental education and active in raising children awareness to preserve the nature, supporters of any local government initiatives, savers of the energy and water consumption - these are some of the criteria that qualifies a school to become part of the green school project.

Launching of the study "Mapping of services for roma children in Albania"

Tirana, 17 April 2012 – Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, with the support of UNICEF, organizes the launching of the study "Mapping of services for Roma Children in Albania" with representatives from the Albanian government at central and local level, Roma community, donors, representatives from the civil society, etc., aiming at informing all the interested actors on the current distribution of Roma communities in Albania.

Launching of communication campaign “New and Better ways for infant and young child feeding”
Tirana, 16 March 2012 – The Albanian Government in partnership with UN Agencies in Albania and with the financial support of the Spanish Fund for Achievement of MDGs on Children, Food Security and Nutrition, launches a new communication programme on “New and Better ways for infant and young child feeding” that will contribute to improved infant and young child feeding practices and reduction of malnutrition.

Making cities fit for children

Tirana, 28 February, 2012 -  Urbanization leaves hundreds of millions of children in cities and towns excluded from vital services, UNICEF warns in The State of the World’s Children 2012: Children in an Urban World, which is published today. UNICEF’s annual flagship report warns that some of the greatest disparities exist in urban areas. Many cities worldwide are failing children.

Specific Recommendations for the reforms of juvenile justice in Albania

Tirana, 14 October 2011 - The distinguished and highly-respected human rights advocate, criminal lawyer, university professor and former Minister of Justice in France Robert BADINTER visited Albania from 12-14 October 2011, upon the invitation of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Mr Robert Badinter came to assist authorities to advance the reform of the juvenile justice system.

Reforming social assistance to help children escape poverty

Tirana, 29 September 2011 - A new survey on the effect of social assistance on children aims to contribute to the ongoing reform of the current social protection scheme. The survey has been carried out by the Urban Research Institute & National Center for Social studies, supported by UNICEF.

Under-five mortality rates have fallen in Albania, but the disparities persist

Tirana, 16 September 2011 - According to a report released today by UNICEF and the World Health Organization worldwide under-five mortality has fallen, from 12 million children prematurely dying in 1990 to 7.6 million dying in in 2010. The child mortality estimates presented in this report classify Albania among developed countries where the under-five mortality rate has dropped from 41 in 1990 to 18 per 1000 live births in 2010. 

EU and UNICEF launch the project to help protect children from violence in South East Europe

Brussels, 30 June 2011 - The European Union and UNICEF today announced a new €1.65 million joint initiative to strengthen public services aimed at identifying, monitoring and addressing violence against children in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey, through reinforced partnership between civil society and state decision makers. Regional activities planned under the new two-year initiative will foster knowledge and experience-sharing among key intergovernmental organisations, networks of independent monitoring networks and civil society platforms.

National Conference in Albania on Alternative Care for Children highlights that the best environment for a child’s optimum development is within their own families

Tirana, 23 June 2011 - Alternative care measures for children need to observe the best interest of the child. A two day National Conference was organized by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities to introduce the UN guidelines on Alternative Care for Children.

Youth Parliamentarians meeting with President of Albania for the improvement of the political dialogue in the country. (link outside UNICEF Albania website)

Tirana, 3 May 2011 - Young people represented by Youth Parliament held talks with the Albanian President for the improvement of the political dialogue in Albania. Young parliamentarians urged the President to make an appeal to the political parties to reduce the political tensions between them; to stop using children under 18 for the electoral campaign; to seriously engage in solving the youth issues; and moreover, to include youth in the local decision making, because the youth are not only the future, but also the present. They also addressed their concern about the harsh rhetoric used bythe political leaders and the acts of violence noticed during the electoral campaign.

Youth Parliament sent out a clear message about youth engagements in the country development highlighting that some of the local issues can be solved by casting their vote. A special appeal was addressed to the first-time-voters, aiming at raising awareness for not missing the opportunit to be part of the decision making and to remind to the local authorities that tomorrow they might employ a mayor.

Albanian youth call for more investments in adolescents as way to break down cycles of poverty and inequity

Shkoder, 25 February 2011 - Many young people, especially from marginalized communities, do not enjoy full access to quality education, sexual and reproductive health care, support for mental health issues, or protection from violence, abuse and exploitation. Many adolescents do not have the opportunity to participate in decisions that affect their life.  Unless their rights are met, we risk that adolescents get caught up in a vicious cycle of poverty and exclusion that robs them of their opportunities – says Detlef Palm, UNICEF representative.

Young People in Albania Say NO- Violence Against Women

Tirana, 25 November 2010 - 200 young parliamentarians decorated members of the Albanian Parliament with violet ribbons - mainly to the men - and asked them to increase action against gender-based violence. Public events to promote gender equality will last 16 days. They will promote the campaign: Say No to Violence Against Women. 

Education for marginalized children still challenging

Tirana, 19 November 2010 - The 20 November is the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  On this occasion, the “Bajram Curri” school in Tirana, the Ministry of Education and Sciences and UNICEF are also celebrating the adoption by Parliament of the law on the “Protection of the Rights of the Child”, early in November. The event highlighted the importance of education among vulnerable communities. Forty per cent of the children in this school are from the Roma community, and many children have abandoned the school.

Child Rights Law

Tirana, 4 Thursday 2010 - Today the Albania Parliament approved the "Law on the protection of the Rights of the Child", with 131 votes in favor. There were no objections or abstentions. It translates the CRC into domestic law and defines mechanisms for its monitoring. Chairpersons of the various involved parliamentary committees, the Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of Education, as well as delegates from across the political spectrum took the floor in support.

National Breastfeeding Week, 18 to 24 October 2010

From 18 to 24 October 2010, the Ministry of Health of Albania, with UNICEF and WHO support, will celebrate the National Breastfeeding Week. This year’s theme is “Breastfeeding: Just 10 steps. The Baby Friendly Way”.

Child Help Line ALO 116 an instrument for protecting children

Tirana, 9 October 2010 - For the last one year, the Child Helpline has helped about 120.000 children who called for advice, and support. For more than a year, Albanian children are able to exercise a very important right: the right to be heard. From its inception, the helpline has developed into a fully professional institution, providing services in Albania that also the European Commission demands from all members of the European Union.

"Albania Reads" - preschool children will get access to good quality children books

Tirana, 2 July 2010 - UNICEF joined forces with a series of donors to support the Government in bringing books to 1,436 compulsory schools and 900 kindergartens.  This commitment, known as "Albania Reads" is an effort of the Ministry of Education and Science supported by UNICEF to ensure that all children from urban and rural areas will be exposed to good quality books.

An Institute for Reintegration of Juveniles is opened in Kavaja

Tirana, 1 July 2010 - First of its nature, an institute for reintegration of juveniles is open in Albania - build by EU - in support of Juvenile Justice System Reform. The institute has a capacity of 40 children and its purpose is to provide education and development programmes for juveniles in detention.

International Children's Day

Tirana, 1 June 2010 - To mark the International Children’s Day, the Albanian Government hosted the Child Rights conference to discuss how social policies can better contribute to the promotion and to the realization of the rights of children.

Well known Albanian footballer, Lorik Cana, visits Kavaja Reintegration Centre

Tirana, 22 May 2010 - Young people in Albania face many challenges as their country undergoes a long and difficult transition towards eventual EU integration.   Economic progress has not benefitted all families while social services are not yet adequate to form reliable social safety nets.  Children in conflict with the law find their situation improving but much more needs to be done.  A visit by well known Albanian footballer, Lorik Cana, highlighted the important of providing hope for boys in conflict with the law.

National Consensus Building Workshop on Intersectoral Actions in the framework of the Joint Program "Reducing Malnutrition in Children and improvement of the Food Security"

Tirana, 11 May 2010 - Representatives of the Albanian Government, United Nations, academic institutions, civil society and media came together to discuss and build a national consensus on actions needed to reduce malnutrition among children and women - which represents an Albanian national priority.

European Immunization week focusing on reaching the unreached groups

Tirana, 29 April 2010 - European immunization week brought together Health institutions and health providers in Tirana to raise vaccination rates especially in low coverage areas, and among marginalized groups.  Major findings of public health department for 2008 indicate that coverage for Roma children for   OPV3, DPT3 is 70 % compared to more than 95% that is the average.

The first Demographic and Health Survey provides comprehensive information on the health and demographic status of the Albanian population and shows areas for improvement

Tirana, 15 March 2010 - The Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) release the results of the first ever 2008-09 Albanian Demographic and Health Survey (ADHS).

Child Helpline in Albania moves to the new premises to expand its operation for those who in need

Tirana, 9 March 2010 - Since it began operations, the Albanian telephone helpline for children has received up to 400 phone calls per day, or 16 to 17 calls per hour. The number of the helpline “ALO 116” is accessible from any phone and is free of charge. The number 116-111 can also be called from other European countries to receive a similar service.

UNICEF starts off an awareness campaign about Child Helpline in Albania
Tirana, 13 January 2010 - The Albanian Government, along with UNICEF and Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania support is helping children to speak out when they witnessed abuse and violence against children. The awareness campaign starts today and aims to spread awareness among children and adults on the benefits of ALO 116.

The 20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

Tirana, 21 November 2009 - Twenty years ago, the world came together to say YES to children. While children have the same human rights as adults, leaders recognized that children need special protection and consideration.

Demographic and Health Survey (DHS)

Tirana, 5 October 2009 - Today, the Albanian Ministry of Health released the preliminary report of Albania’s first Demographic Health Survey.  Findings from the report provides up-to-date information on characteristics of households and population, migration, education, fertility, family planning, infant and child mortality, reproductive health, child health, sexual behavior, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), breastfeeding practices, gender and violence in Albania.

The Child Led Environmental Education Initiative (CLEEN)

Tirana, 29 September 2009 - As part of a school program on environmental awareness and responsibility, endorsed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment, in 250 Albanian schools, children are learning new approaches on how to protect and make the environment cleaner, healthier and more pleasant to live in. The more children know about and appreciate the environment, the more likely they are to protect it.

AC Milan raises aid for UNICEF in Albania with football friends

Tirana, 12 May 2009 - Italian football legend, AC Milan, teamed up in an exhibition game with the Albania National Team at “Qemal Stafa” Stadium, in support of Albania Reads. The Albania Reads Initiative helps to establish libraries in public schools, and is part of a movement to promote the culture of reading among school children.

Observatories for Child Rights

Tirana, 6 May 2009 -  Observatories for Child Rights established in six regions of Albania (Kukes, Peshkopi, Shkoder, Durres, Elbasan, Korca) set up the bases for a scientific research mechanism on collecting data from Health, Education and Social Protection departments at regional and local level.

A National Child Help Line for the Children of Albania 

Tirana, 26 March 2009 - A child Help line for all Albanian Children will be offered for the first time. It will be available to answer the children's needs, and to voice their concerns. The child helpline will be accessible to children and young people around the clock, free of cost and enable them to get competent assistance in any emergency situation.

National youth opinion poll, titled "Albania Young Voices"

Tirana, 20 February 2009 - The second national youth opinion poll, titled "Albania Young Voices" which reflects the views of Albanian children from 9 to 17 years, provides an unusual look into the thoughts and feelings of Albanian young people, their perception about the present and future of the country.

Data collection for the Albanian Demographic Health Survey (DHS) 

Tirana, 31 October 2008 - Data collection for the Albanian Demographic Health Survey (DHS) will begin on 3 November 2008.  This is the first time that the Demographic and Health Survey will be implemented in Albania, and it is expected that it will improve the knowledge base on children and women and provide decision makers with data for informed policy action.

AC Milan raises aid for UNICEF in Albania with football friends
Tirana, 14 October 2008 - Italian football legend, AC Milan, teamed up in an exhibition game with K.F. Tirana at Qemal Stafa Stadium in support of Albania Reads an initiative that supports the establishment of libraries in public schools and a movement that promotes the culture of reading among school children. Thanks to the contribution by AC Milan, UNICEF and partners have committed to opening libraries in an additional 100 schools.

Cold chain supplies to improve national immunization programme in Albania

Tirana, 1 May 2008 - UNICEF in Albania announced today its support to expand capacities of the public health system to immunize thousands of children and women from preventable diseases.

New law on salt iodisation drafted in Albania

Tirana, 28 February 2008 - A new law to improve the availability of iodised salt for consumers has been drafted in Albania.

Empower Women to Help Children

Tirana, 18 January 2008 - Eliminating gender discrimination and empowering women will have a profound and positive impact on the survival and well-being of children, according to a new presidential report issued today in Tirana. The report was conducted in the context of a UNICEF’s global report State of the World’s Children 2007:  "Women and Children, the Double Dividend of Gender Equality". This publication focuses this year on critical gender issues, highlighting in particular the impact of gender on poverty, discrimination and inequality against women, with concomitant consequences on Albanian families and children.

Children -led environmental actions in Albania

Tirana, 11 December 2007 - The Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Management, the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and UNICEF are joining forces to implement the “Child-Led Environmental Education Initiative” (CLEEN) project which will focus on equipping primary school children with knowledge and skills to take action to preserve, conserve and protect the environment.

Children and young people convey their views to the Mayor of Tirana Municipality on the occasion of the  Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Tirana, 20 November 2007 - A book published by a group of young people called “The city we want” was launched today on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Children’s TV show in Albania scoops international award

Tirana, 9 July 2007 - "Straight Talk", the television programme that gives Albanian youngsters a platform for their stories and opinions, has been specially commended in a prestigious international media awards ceremony.

Breastfeeding: A simple way to save young lives

Tirana, 2 July 2007 - Several reports released by WHO/UNICEF have shown that a child who is breastfed is almost three times more likely to survive infancy than a child who is not breastfed. In support of this, a sub-regional training course on the “Implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes” will take place in Tirana from 2 to 6 July, 2007 at Hotel Tirana.

Each school a library

Tirana, 19 December 2006 - Enhancing the reading skils of children in Albania and promoting the culture of reading is the aim of the Albania Reads initiative launched today at Bajram Curri School in Tirana.

Role of elected officials key to protecting children from violence, abuse and exploitation

Tirana, 25 October 2006 - The Speaker of the Albanian Parliament Mrs. Josefina Topalli and UNICEF launched two recently published and translated handbooks: Combating Child Trafficking and Child Protection

Violence and its impact on children

Tirana, 12 October 2006 - For the first time Albania attempts to document the reality of violence against children and to map out what is being done to stop it. The report, "Violence against Children in Albania" has been conducted in the context of a global study on violence against children under the auspices of the United Nations Secretary General.

Children Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Reach

Tirana, 25 May 2006 - Children suffering from social exclusion and discrimination and have become virtually invisible in Albania, UNICEF said today in a report that explores the root causes of exclusion in Albania.

Government of Albania and UNICEF sign the Agreement of Country Programme of Cooperation 2006-2010

Tirana, 24 March 2006 - Today, the Government of Albania and UNICEF signed the AGreement of Country Programme of Cooperation for the period 2006-2010. The event was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and included the International Organizations Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affair and the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

Empowerment of Community Responses to Child Trafficking

Tirana, 16 March 2006 - In the framework of the UNICEF – supported project “Empowerment of Community Responses to Child Trafficking” this week, a mobile theatre troupe of professional actors from Kukes will be performing 10 comedy shows in Bathore and other peri-urban areas of Tirana and Durres to raise awareness about protection from exploitation and abuse.

Free, confidential health and counseling services for youth open in Elbasan and Korça

Tirana, 1 July 2005 - Two new centers offering services specially tailored for young people have opened in Elbasan and Korça, increasing to four the number of youth-friendly service centers opened in Albania since May 2003. The centers opened today which are an integrated part of the primary health care, offer a wide range of health and counseling services, providing a convenient place where young people can go for confidential services without facing embarrassment or stigma.

UNICEF, Government of Albania sign agreement for purchase of AIDS drugs

Tirana, 15 April 2005 - Today the Ministry of Health and UNICEF signed an agreement of cooperation to purchase anti-retroviral drugs to treat 50 people living with HIV/AIDS in Albania. The Government has allocated $150,000 for anti-retroviral drugs and is funding 100 per cent of the purchase. The agreement will ease the process for purchasing the drugs through UNICEF Supply in Copenhagen, ensuring speedy delivery and high quality of drugs.

Inadequate prevention hinders fight against human trafficking

Tirana, 13 April 2005 - Efforts to fight human trafficking in South Eastern Europe are dominated by repressive measures to prevent irregular migration, prostitution and organized crime, according to a new report. Long-term strategies to prevent trafficking by focusing on its root causes, including economic disparities, social exclusion, discrimination and weak protection systems, are rare.

Albania makes first presentation to UN Committee on The Rights of The Child

Tirana, 10 January 2005 - On 12 January Albania will make its first presentation to the Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva. The presentation follows submission of the country's first report to the Committee, which is responsible for making sure that nations fulfil their obligations after ratifying the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Albania ratified the Convention in 1992.

Childhood under threat from poverty, conflict, HIV/AIDS, says UNICEF

Tirana, 9 December 2004 - Childhood is being undermined throughout the region and around the world by poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS, according to The State of the World's Children 2005, UNICEF's annual report on global child conditions. Across the world and the Balkan region, there is a gulf between our ideal of what childhood should be - a time of safety - and the reality.

Youth-friendly services open at Tirana Student City 
Tirana, 18 May 2004 - A centre offering services specially tailored for young people opened today at a place where they're most accessible to their target clients - at University of Tirana's Student City. The Youth-Friendly Services Centre offers a wide range of health and counseling services, providing a convenient place where young people can go for confidential services without facing embarrassment or stigma.

Judges, attorneys to be trained in domestic violence
Tirana, 12 December 2003 - A total of 320 judges, prosecutors and attorneys nationwide will enhance their skills in family and domestic violence cases, thanks to collaboration between UNICEF, the Magistrates School and the Women's Advocacy Centre. The judicial authorities will take part in a training process that will seek ultimately to improve the quality of life and limit domestic violence.
Young generation, though shrunk 20% by migration, is a powerful force for change
Tirana, 5 December 2003 - Migration has left behind a generation of youth 20% smaller than it was 12 years ago, and those young people are facing risks their parents never heard of. Yet they are a powerful and motivated force for moving Albania forward if the country taps into their potential. 

Albanian anti-trafficking activist wins international award
Tirana, 24 November 2003 -Vera Lesko, the founder of The Hearth of Vlora Women, has been awarded the prestigious Anti-Slavery Award for 2003. Ms Lesko won the award, conferred annually by Anti-Slavery International, for her unparalleled efforts on behalf of Albanian women and girls trafficked into sexual exploitation.
Domestic violence devastates lives of women and children, hinders Albania's development
Tirana, 17 September 2003 - The hidden crime of domestic violence has devastating impacts on women and children and on Albania's development, according to the findings of a new study Domestic Violence in Albania: An Exploratory Study.

Albania begins production of iodized salt
Tirana, 6 June 2003 - The first production of iodized salt in Albania began today with the inauguration of the iodization line at the Vlora Salt Factory.

Albania's first youth-friendly health centre opens in Vlora
Tirana, 16 May 2003 - The first Youth-Friendly Services Center in Albania offering a wide range of health and counseling services opened today in Vlora, providing a place where young people can go for confidential services without facing embarrassment or stigma.

Coalition of government, civil society, UNICEF and donors agree on coordinated actions to fight trafficking
Tirana, 13 May 2003 - An agreement on coordinated actions to fight child trafficking has been reached between the Government of Albania, a coalition of NGOs, UNICEF and donors.

UNICEF and IOM launch report on HIV/AIDS in Southeastern Europe
Tirana, 21 February 2003 - Social upheaval has increased risk factors, but the epidemic is not getting enough attention.
Europe achieves historic milestone as region is declared polio free
Tirana, 21 June 2002 - Albania has made significant contribution; recovering quickly from one of Europe's last outbreaks of the disease.

Children and young people project their future at the UN Special Session for Children
Tirana, 7 May 2002 - Albanian delegation attends UN Special Session on Children--the first in which young people participate as equal partners in shaping their future.
Major new study highlights concerns for health policy makers
Tirana, 8 November 2001 - National study indicates that in certain areas significant numbers of Albanian women are not accessing some important health services.

Youth opinion survey finds mixed results: almost half plan to emigrate; 2/3 see better future in Albania
Tirana, 13 July 2001 - UNICEF, OSCE, Albanian Children's Alliance unveil window on young people's world; highlight urgent need for major actions on children.

Albanian Children's Alliance announces plan to collect 200,000 pledges of action for children
Tirana, 13 July 2001 - "Say Yes for Children" campaign is part of a global effort to highlight situation of children in run-up to United Nations Special Session.

UNICEF, INSTAT study reveals infant death rate most likely higher than previously known
Tirana, 15 June 2001 - First national child health /education survey using international standards marks major achievement.

Elections for the Youth Parliament held all over Albania
Tirana, 23 May 2001 - Elections for Youth Parliament in the Prefectures of Tirana, Vlora, Korca and Kukes were held. About 35,000 young people participated and more that 60% of elected parliamentarians are girls.


20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child



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