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During Albania’s transition from communism, education has been especially hard hit. Both quality and access have fallen, as has its share of the government budget. Efforts have been made to increase teachers’ low wages, but budgets for non-salary recurring expenditures have remained limited. As a result, spending on textbooks, school supplies and materials has been reduced to very low levels, leaving families to bear the burden of these costs. According to a 2006 survey supported by UNICEF in the North, 56 per cent of the families do not have any books at home. As a result, a whole generation of children is growing up without books or encouragement to read.

Through UNICEF action, 230 compulsory schools are provided with libraries so far.1000 more libraries will be added to the list according to the funding pledges that UNICEF has.

1. Each of compulsory schools will receive 150 books, shelving, and a manual on library management.  
2. Reading corners will be set up in 2 locations to promote reading more widely and to organize competitions and other events.
3.  Teacher training on reading strategies will be organized with recipient schools.
4. An awareness campaign on reading promotion will be organized targeting children, parents and the private sector. 

• Increased reading achievement of students in schools with libraries.
• Teachers apply skills that help them better promote reading.
• Increased public awareness on the importance of reading leading to replication of this effort in other locations.

For more details about Albania Reads please open the following attached documents (in PDF format):

- Albania Reads presentation
- Libraries' distribution



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