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Internship Programme and Conditions of Internship:
Rationale: Briefly explain your rationale for applying to the UNICEF Internship Programme. Include specific objectives and expected benefits.
Full-time (36 hours per week)
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Please attach two mandatory documents:
1. Your completed UN Personal History P-11 form (click to download and fill out)
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NOTE. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we cannot respond to your application individually. You will receive an auto email reply acknowledging the receipt of your application with a copy of your applications. If your qualifications meet a certain department's needs, an interested supervisor will contact you directly.

Statement of Understanding of Internship Conditions:
I understand that, should I be accepted as an intern in UNICEF, the following conditions will apply:
  • Status: Although not considered a staff member of UNICEF, I shall be subject to the authority of the Executive Director and the authority delegated by her to Director and Heads of Offices. I understand that I am not entitled to the privileges and immunities accorded by member states to UNICEF's officials and staff members.
  • Financial Support: I shall not be paid by UNICEF and must make my own arrangements for living expenses. Travel costs to and from the duty station and living accommodations are also my own responsibilities or those of the sponsoring institution.
  • Medical Health and Life Coverage: UNICEF accepts no responsibility for costs or fatality arising from illness or accidents incurred during the internship; therefore, I must carry adequate and regular medical and life (accidental death & dismemberment) insurance. I will be covered by health and life insurance during the internship period (UNICEF internship policy requires that you be covered by medical and life insurance for the entire period of internship).
  • Passports and Visas: I am responsible for obtaining necessary passport and visas when required. UNICEF will issue only a letter stating acceptance of an individual as an intern and the conditions governing the internship.
  • Confidentiality and Publication of Information: As an intern, I will respect the confidentiality of information that I collect or am exposed to at UNICEF. No reports or papers may be published based on information obtained from UNICEF without the explicit written authorization by the Head of Office or Division Director.
  • Employment Prospects: The UNICEF internship programme is not connected with employment and there is no expectancy of such. Interns cannot apply for posts advertised internally to UNICEF staff during the period of internship.
Do you agree to the Statement of Understanding of Internship Conditions Agree /Disagree

If you are invited to be interviewed for an internship position, you will be asked to bring the following documents with you to the UNICEF office; please do not send them with this application:
  1. A letter from your university/institution, certifying your enrolment, course of study and expected date of graduation/degree.
  2. An up-to-date official university transcript.
  3. Two letters of recommendation in English (one should be from the professor supervising your internship).
  4. Proof of health insurance and life (accidental death) insurance.

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