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Temporary Appointments

In this section, you will find short term opportunities advertised outside of the e-Recruitment system. These include temporary appointments for various staff roles and functions across the organization. The duration is typically up to 364 days. Staff members recruited under a temporary appointment modality receive full salary but slightly reduced benefits.

Please note that most temporary appointments in emergency settings, including surge capacity assignments, are now managed in the e-Recruitment system.

To apply to these vacancies, you will need to submit your CV or resume as well as a United Nations Personal History P11 form to the email address indicated in the vacancy announcement. The P11 form can be downloaded here. [Word] Alternatively, if you have maintained a candidate profile in e-Recruitment, you may download that profile and submit it as part of your application.”

Temporary Appointment: Construction Manager, School repair/Construction Project, P-4, Yangon, Myanmar

Temporary Appointment: Communications Specialist (eTools Initiative), P-3 (6 months)

Temporary Appointment: Accountant, Donor Reporting Unit, DFAM, P-2, New York

Temporary Appointment: Logistics Specialist, L-3, Bamako, Mali

Temporary Appointment: U-Report Global Strategist and Asia Coordinator, P-4, Bangkok, Thailand




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