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Senior staff vacancies

In this section, you will find vacancies for senior management positions advertised outside of the e-Recruitment system. To apply to these vacancies, you will need to submit your CV or resume as well as a United Nations Personal History P11 form to the email address indicated in the vacancy announcement. The P11 form can be downloaded here. [Word] Alternatively, if you have maintained a candidate profile in e-Recruitment, you may download that profile and submit it as part of your application.

The below senior staff vacancies are advertised and managed under regular recruitment process. Applicants are requested to submit a cover letter (with title of the specific vacancy), CV, and P. 11 form (or eRecruitment Profile) to recruit.ssr@unicef.org.

Chief, Polio Eradication, P6, Islamabad, Pakistan

Director, Division of Human Resources, D-2, New York, USA

Representative, D-1, Nairobi, Kenya

Representative, P-5, Teheran, Iran




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