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Senior staff vacancies

In this section, you will find vacancies for senior management positions advertised outside of the e-Recruitment system. To apply to these vacancies, you will need to submit your CV or resume as well as a United Nations Personal History P11 form to the email address indicated in the vacancy announcement. The P11 form can be downloaded here. [Word] Alternatively, if you have maintained a candidate profile in e-Recruitment, you may download that profile and submit it as part of your application.

I. Special Vacancy Bulletin: Senior Staff Rotation and Reassignment Exercise 2015

The below vacancies are advertised within the UNICEF Senior Staff Rotation and Reassignment Exercise(SSRRE) 2015. External applicants are welcome to apply, with the following instructions:
1. Each applicant is invited to express interest for a maximum of five posts included in the Exercise, listed in order of priority. For applicants from within the UN System, please apply to at least three posts at your current level (kindly indicate that in your P-11). Applicants at the P4 level may apply to all five posts at the P5 level.

2. Applicants are requested to submit ONE application, containing a cover letter, titled “UNICEF SSRRE 2015” with your post preferences in order of priority, P11, CV and latest two performance appraisals. Separate applications for a particular post within this Exercise are not required.

3. Applications should be received by Close of Business, 30 November 2014, by email at recruit.ssr@unicef.org.

Below are positions within the SSRRE 2015:

CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE, COMM. OF INDEP. STATES: Deputy Regional Director, Switzerland, D-1; Representative, Armenia, P-5; Representative, Turkmenistan, P-5; Representative, Georgia, P-5; Representative, Bulgaria, P-5

EAST ASIA AND PACIFIC: Representative, China, D-2; Deputy Regional Director, Thailand, D-1; Representative, Thailand, P-5

EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICA:Representative, Tanzania, D-1; Representative, Burundi, D-1; Representative, Lesotho, P-5; Representative, Rwanda, P-5  

LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN: Deputy Regional Director, Panama, D-1; Representative, El Salvador, P-5; Representative, Dominican Republic, P-5; Representative, Honduras, P-5; Representative, Peru, P-5; Representative, Bolivia, P-5

MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA: Representative, Iraq, D-1; Representative, Republic of Yemen, D-1;Representative, Lebanon, D-1; Representative, Tusnia, P-5; Representative, Algeria, P-5

SOUTH ASIA: Deputy Representative, Pakistan, P-6; Principal Officer Programmes, India, P-6

WEST AND CENTRAL AFRICA: Regional Adviser, Child Survival and Development, Senegal, P-6; Representative, Chad, D-1; Representative, Sierra Leone, P-5; Representative, Ginea-Bissau, P-5; Representative, Benin, P-5

HEADQUARTERS NEW YORK: Chief, Child Protection, USA, D-1; Principal Adviser (Security Coordination), Office of Emergency Programmes, USA, D-1; Deputy Director, Customer Relationships and HR Effectiveness, Division of Human Resources, USA, D-1; Deputy Director, Programme Division, USA, D-1

HEADQUARTERS OUTSIDE NEW YORK: Director, Brussels Office, Belgium, D-1; Director, Tokyo, for relations with Japan and the Republic of Korea, Japan, D-1; Deputy Director, Supply Chain, Denmark, D-1

II. Regular Senior Staff Vacancies

The below senior staff vacancies are advertised and managed under regular recruitment process. Applicants are requested to submit a cover letter (with title of the specific vacancy), CV, and P. 11 form(or eRecruitment Profile) to recruit.ssr@unicef.org.




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