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UN and Intergovernmental Affairs (UNIA) / Governance, UN and Multilateral Affairs (GMA), UNICEF, New York Headquarters

Office: UN and Intergovernmental Affairs (UNIA) / Governance, UN and Multilateral Affairs (GMA), UNICEF, New York Headquarters

Duration: Four months, 1 September 2013 to 31 December 2013

Background and purpose of the position

The Division of Governance and Multilateral Affairs (GMA) works to help guide UNICEF in its relationships with the multilateral actors. Within GMA, the Office of UN and Intergovernmental Affairs (UNIA) focuses on linking UNICEF with the rest of the UN system and with intergovernmental UN governance bodies (i.e. the General Assembly, its subsidiary bodies, Security Council, ECOSOC, etc.). This helps to strategically position UNICEF and the children’s agenda in the UN system’s work as whole, as well as draw guidance from intergovernmental mechanisms where appropriate. Links are then used to ensure viable two-way communication between UNICEF and its partners. UNIA also has geographic responsibilities with a view to advance UNICEF’s mandate, and identify geographic trends that have potential implications for the UNICEF programming environment and global advocacy efforts for child rights.

The intern would support the overall work of the UNIA team in charge of issues related to Latin America and the Caribbean and the work of the General Assembly, including its Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural), as well as related thematic issues such as human rights, social development, gender, protection of migrants, indigenous issues, etc.

Working in UNIA/GMA, the intern would have the opportunity to learn about UNICEF’s work for the cause of children and be part of interesting UN intergovernmental and interagency discussions on global and regional issues. Specific tasks could also be tailored taking into account the intern’s interests on particular issues.

Duties and responsibilities:

I. General Assembly:

• Support UNIA/GMA in analysing emerging trends and opportunities, as well as identifying UNICEF’s priorities for advocacy regarding resolutions to be discussed by the Third Committee in its upcoming 68th session of the General Assembly.

This may include inter alia:
o Attend meeting, monitor discussions in the Third Committee and write meeting summaries;
o Collect and summarize information on specific topics;
o Track expected resolutions to be discussed this year in the Third Committee;
o Help liaise with in-house technical focal points on the issues being discussed to help coordinate in-house expertise and analysis to optimize UNICEF’s effective engagement in these discussions;

• Support UNIA/GMA in preparing discussions with selected Member States in the lead up to the Third Committee session.
• Support the UNIA team with logistical support if needed regarding access to high-level meetings at the General Assembly

II. Child rights, human rights issues:

• Support UNIA/GMA in monitoring important developments and upcoming opportunities in the intergovernmental and/or interagency fora related to child rights and human rights, including the rights of indigenous peoples, migrants, as well as the rights of children with disabilities. This may include, inter alia, researching, writing reports and analysis, attending meetings and discussions, as well as following debates in the Human Rights Council and the CRC Committee.

III. Geographical focus:
• Support UNIA in the work related to the Latin American and Caribbean region.
• Help prepare briefing material for senior management for high level meetings with LAC representatives.
• Undertake research on geopolitical areas of relevance children in the region (ex: South-South Cooperation; Migration; Organized Crime/Illicit Trade; Regional Organizations; etc.)
• Keep an updated compilation of country profiles of LAC programme countries.

IV. Other tasks to be assigned, as appropriate, according to the intern’s interest, including ad hoc covering and reporting back on relevant intergovernmental and/or interagency meetings.


• A clear mapping and monitoring log of resolutions being discussed during the 68th  session of the Third Committee that are of particular interest to UNICEF;
• Summaries of meetings and relevant discussions of the Third Committee, and other relevant General Assembly meetings;
• Contribution to UNICEF’s report of the General Assembly
• Supportive brief, research and/or information for child rights advocacy as needed;
• Draft briefing notes for meetings of senior management, UNICEF Regional Director and Representatives with LAC countries;

Qualifications, Skills & Competencies Required:
• Education: University degree in international relations, social sciences, law or related field. Study/experience in human rights and related work would be an asset.
• Proven ability to synthesize information and communicate it simply and effectively: Superior writing and research skills; Strong analytical skills; Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Fluency in English required. Fluency in Spanish preferred. Knowledge of another UN language an asset.
• Ability to operate in a diplomatic environment, using tact and judgement.
• Ability to work in an international and multicultural environment. Competencies required: commitment, embracing diversity, integrity, self-awareness and self-regulation, teamwork, and drive for results; communication, judgment, planning, setting standards and monitoring work, analytical and conceptual thinking.
• Knowledge of office computer systems (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and internet research.
• Experience in negotiation and advocacy an asset.
• Understanding of UNICEF’s mandate is a must, UNICEF experience an asset

UNICEF will not pay for services as an intern and all the expenses connected with these services must be borne by the intern. There is no expectancy of employment at the end of the internship. UNICEF is not responsible for obtaining any necessary visas.


UNICEF will not be responsible for costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during the intern’s service, whether on or off UNICEF premises. Therefore, the selected candidate must provide proof of enrolment in a health/accident plan prior to start his/her work with UNIA/GMA.

Living Conditions and Working Environment:
• The intern will work in UNICEF House New York attending many meetings at and around the UN. S/he will work with the UNIA Team in charge of LAC and General Assembly and report to the Senior Advisor of the team.  S/he is not expected to travel during the assignment.


Kyungsun Kim, Senior Advisor, UN & Intergovernmental Affairs, UNIA/GMA

Application process:
Interested interns will need to submit the following documentation to Mr. Sami Abualsoud at  sabualsoud@unicef.org
1. Resume
2. Cover Letter
The deadline for applications will be Friday 30 August 2013. UNIA/GMA will review the applications and schedule a phone interview with the shortlisted candidates.
If accepted, the intern will be required to provide a copy of health insurance coverage and to fill out the UNICEF form on conditions regarding service as an intern.




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