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New Initiative to fill UNICEF’s Talent Groups

UNICEF has introduced a new and exciting recruitment process that uses Generic Vacancy Announcements to attract and identify qualified candidates to be placed in Talent Groups.  A Talent Group is an exclusive roster of experts, established by area of expertise and level, from which UNICEF offices worldwide can quickly select qualified pre-assessed, top-level candidates whenever a post becomes available. 

If you are interested in working with UNICEF, and have the relevant professional experience and qualifications, we strongly encourage you to apply to the Talent Groups. Should you be among the shortlisted applicants, you will be thoroughly assessed through competency-based interviews, technical tests, and other assessments as appropriate, and if successful, placed in a Talent Group for up to two years. When relevant posts become available, UNICEF hiring offices will review the Talent Group.  If a suitable and interested candidate is identified, an offer of employment may be made through this fast-track recruitment process.

Recruiting from Talent Groups significantly reduces recruitment time for UNICEF posts. Should you be successfully selected for a Talent Group, you have the advantage of being considered for a variety of posts having undergone just one application process.

Generic vacancies will be periodically advertised in UNICEF's e-Recruitment system among other vacancies. Be sure to check our advertised vacancies regularly.

See below for Frequently Asked Questions on Generic Vacancy Announcements and Talent Groups:

1. Can I apply to more than one generic vacancy announcement?
Interested professionals may apply to any and all generic vacancy announcements for which they qualify.

2. Can Talent Group members apply for other vacancies or job-specific announcements?
Talent Group members can continue to apply for any vacancy announcements for which they qualify.

3. How long does a Talent Group member have to wait before being reviewed for a post?
Talent Group members are normally reviewed when a position in their functional area and level becomes available. Members stay in the group up to two years.

4. What if a Talent Group member is not interested in the post they are contacted for?
Talent Group members can decline to be considered for any post.

5. What if more than one Talent Group member appears suitable for the position?
Talent Group members are reviewed on a comparative basis with due consideration for gender and geographic diversity.

6. Can Talent Groups be reviewed for recruitment to emergency duty stations?
Yes, Talent Groups is the preferred option for staffing emergency posts.

7. How will UNICEF ensure the quality of the talent groups?
Generic vacancy announcement applicants undergo the same assessments and reviews as they would for a job-specific announcement.

8. Are Talent Group members guaranteed to get a post?
There is no guarantee. However, by being in a Talent Group they get more exposure within UNICEF.



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